Zoe Kravitz gives new details on Matt Reeves’ the Batman


One of the most exciting questions about The batman by Matt Reeves, is the exciting and extensive cast commanded by Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, or Zoe Kravitz to name a few. The latter is precisely the most recent person who has dedicated some words and details about one of the most anticipated DC films of next year. Kravitz will give life to a new version of Catwoman, but according to his words, we must prepare for something totally different.

While Kravitz chatted with AnotherMagOf course, the conversation was joined by the fact that the actress had joined a large-scale project and titanic production, which is certainly one of the most anticipated in Hollywood. The pressure shouldn’t be light especially considering that the source material has a large fan base, however, for Zoe the key is to respect the approach provided by the writer and director Matt Reeves.

«[Los fans] they are[implacables], and because I respect them so much, I decided not to think about them when making the film, “he explained. “If I’m thinking of wanting everyone to like it and for all the fans to like it, but I won’t give life to a real person. Matt wrote a really interesting story with a complex character, and the relationships are really interesting. All I wanted to do was honor the story he wrote.

Despite the fact that Warner has been able to invest millions of dollars to bring the bat back, according to the actress, the approach Reeves has given to the character and the details that he could appreciate of their coexistence on the set, make it feel as if this film so focused in the characters and the story, it is actually an independent film that cares little about great visuals or spectacular action sequences.

“Sometimes with really great movies, it can seem like you’re just a puppet and part of this great machine,” Kravitz continued. “This felt like a standalone movie in the way that there was real heart, soul and thought in the process and in every scene. It was incredibly collaborative. Matt is very specific. It took him a year to do this due to Covid. We were in this bubble, really in this world, and it was an incredible experience. Spend a year of your life, and it is very physically demanding. It had to be in a very specific shape, and then there is a pandemic. They would put me in a catsuit every day at 7 in the morning, I would work 12 hours a day and then I would come home and exercise. It was intense.

In addition to Kravitz in this film, the cast is composed of Robert Pattinson as the overcast of Gotham; Colin Farrell as the Penguin in a role so brief, but so intense that it made him worthy of a series spin-off for HBO Max; with Paul Dano as a Riddler described as terrifying; and many others that only contribute to the emotion of the film.

Matt Reeves is directing the film and co-writing it with Mattson Tomlin. Michael Giacchino will do the music for the film. Greig Fraser is the main cinematographer, and we will see how everything comes together on the screens on March 4, 2022.

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