Yotuber Rubius joins the Uncharted movie


The content creator himself revealed it along with some images in which he talks with Tom Holland.

Last Thursday we received the first trailer of Uncharted, the new Sony Pictures film that will adapt the famous Naughty Dog video game saga. But the production still has surprises up its sleeve and one of them was revealed today: the famous content creator The Rubius joins the cast.

That’s right, one of the biggest youtubers Spaniards revealed their participation moments ago. “After 1 year, I can tell you that I participate in the new Tom Holland movie and I will do a great npc role with my grandmother’s hair“, He commented through Twitter, where he also published some images with Tom holland.

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For the most clueless, the term NPC refers to those characters in video games that are controlled by the Artificial Intelligence of the game itself, so Ruben Doblas It refers to the fact that it will surely have a minor participation, probably the occasional cameo in some scenes.

The movie of Uncharted, with Tom holland playing Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg Like Sully, it will hit theaters in February 2022.

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