Would Steve Martin and Selena Gomez host the 2022 Oscars?


Solved the crime, perhaps an endearing trio of detectives parade down the red carpet. It is not at all certain, but for now, from this week the stars of the comedy and mystery series sound Only Murders in the Building as possible hosts of the next Oscar ceremony. We speak, of course, of the famous Selena Gomez, Martin Short Y Steve Martin, who in that acclaimed show, proved to have enough chemistry to conduct a humorous criminal investigation. And, why not, an award ceremony.

But wait, didn’t the Academy Awards go without hosts three years ago? Indeed, the last time there was such a figure was in 2018, with Jimmy Kimmel leading the charge. On the other hand, this week it was announced that 2022 will mark an exception.

Craig Erwich, president of ABC Entertainment —the network responsible for broadcasting the Oscar ceremony—, revealed last Tuesday that the upcoming edition of the event yes, he will have a master of ceremonies. And although there is still no personality (or personalities) signed to fill that position, the ABC boss has three possible candidates under his nose who are extremely attractive.

It so happens that Erwich is also head of content for the platform streaming Hulu, home to many successful series, including Only Murders in the Building. It follows the story of a trio of neighbors in a luxurious New York building who – with a passion for true crime podcasts – decide to investigate the background of a mysterious death. The show’s reception was tremendous, to the point of becoming the most successful comedy debut in Hulu history. The ten episodes of its first season premiered between August and October 2021.

As we said, the cast is led by veteran comedians Martin Short and Steve Martin, in complicity with twentysomething actor Selena Gomez. The work of the three has been equally praised, to the point of earning their respective nominations for the Critics Choice Awards in the acting categories. So, with all this popularity and recognition, why not make them hosts of the great film awards?

Actually, it is a very tempting idea for Craig Erwich, as he stated in an interview with Variety. On the other hand, the Hulu and ABC executive confessed that there are several names that are under review for the role of master of ceremonies. In addition, the final decision will not depend entirely on him, but also on the Hollywood Academy and Will Packer, who is the producer of the televised delivery of the Oscar.

«I mean, they’re an iconic trio.. Obviously we know because [Only Murders in the Building] is our most watched comedy. They have mass appeal. Everybody loves them. would be a dream. With that said, there is a lot of amazing talent that we are considering. We are having ongoing discussions with Will and the Academy regarding this.”

Of the three histriones, only Steve Martin has hosted the Oscars before. And it was in 2001, 2003 and 2010 (in this last year, together with Alec Baldwin).

For Latin America, Only Murders in the Building is currently available through the Star Plus platform. A second season is already in development.

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony will take place on March 27, in person at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

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