Wonder Woman 3 could include Supergirl and Hawkgirl, according to rumors


The Amazon warrior could count on the support of other famous superheroines in her next film. This week, rumors emerged that Wonder woman 3 perhaps it will tell a story that includes Supergirl and Hawkgirl, two characters from the comics that have yet to make their DCEU debut. The information comes from the vloger and film critic Grace Randolph, who via Twitter reported what she had apparently just heard from reliable sources.

Here’s another bit of information for you. There is a good chance that Wonder woman 3 present to Supergirl from Sasha Calle. And maybe other DC heroines! Heard Hawgirl is being considered«Reads the previous tweet. “Love it. Hope it’s like the animated episode of ‘Grudge Match’«.

As a curious fact, know that “Grudge Match” refers to the ninth episode of the third season of the animated series Justice League Unlimited. It is about a confrontation between several DC superheroines in a combat arena, where the powerful Wonder Woman – a victim of mind control – fights against a quartet made up of Huntress, Canary, Vixen and Hawkgirl. Would you like something similar to happen in the future movie with Gal Gadot?

Randolph mentions the actress Sasha street, who plays Supergirl in the upcoming movie The Flash. It should be noted that, at the moment, there are no certainties about the future of Calle within the franchise. However, for years there has been talk of a Supergirl solo film that may open the doors to the young actor in the leading role. On the other hand, in September 2021 rumors arose about which Calle will star not in a movie but in an exclusive HBO Max series. But taking into account recent reports, will we see the Kryptonian in Wonde woman 3, immediately after The Flash, before you become the headline of your own show or feature film?

As far as Hawkgirl (or Hawkgirl) is concerned, this flying warrior has been mostly reinterpreted in the realms of animation. Never in a film live-action. It was originally said that said character – as Shayera Hol’s alter ego – would appear in the film Black adam with Dwayne Johnson. However, the actor eventually denied that information (via). Could it be that Warner Bros. Pictures is reserving it to first share a picture with the Wonder Woman of the DCEU?

The previews for the third installment of the saga Wonder woman they remain in the shadows. At least director Patty Jenkins and veteran actress Lynda Carter acknowledged that the project is a reality during DC Fandome 2021. “The three [incluida Gadot] we are very excited about some exciting things that come with Wonder woman 3«Said the filmmaker in the panel dedicated to the popular superheroine.

This week, Variety asked Gal Gadot for an update on the film in development, as part of the premiere of Red alert, the new Netflix film starring the Israeli with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. “I can’t tell you yet but we are working on the script”, replied the actor about Wonder woman 3 (via). As a joke, he added that no detail can escape him, “because people will come down from the roof and take me away.”

The Wonder Woman 3 entry could include Supergirl and Hawkgirl, rumor has it it was first posted on Cinema PREMIERE.


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