Winter Days – Movie Premiere, Cast and Trailer


The city of Saltillo, Coahuila -or rather its hills and mountains- is the main scene of Winter days, the debut of Jaiziel Hernández Máynez, who as a cinematographer has worked in films such as Howls are heard (2020) and the winning documentary of the Ariel Up to the teeth (2018). The movie is a coming of age Mexican whose protagonist experiences a profound crisis in his life as he enters adulthood.

What is it about?

“Nestor is stuck in his life, he has a night job as a hotel receptionist and he doesn’t seem to have any future. His only option is to go live with his sister in the United States, however, being the youngest son and the only one who continues to live with his mother, Lilia, he cannot make the decision to leave right now. Lilia has recently lost her job and she too finds herself looking for her way. There is a cabin that ties both of them to the past, the reunion with her will lead to a change in their lives », (via).

“In recent years, I feel, I have seen a lot how the kids do not have work, the students get frustrated and do not find what to do. Older generations complain about millennials, who want everything and do not make an effort. It may be true, but it has to do with the fact that the competition for a job is great. Developing yourself in your life is expensive, nobody can buy an apartment. There is disappointment and disenchantment among young people, it is not easy, for them it was. Many people are disappointed with their life, ”Jaziel Hernández told the UNAM Gazette.


Winter days gathers the talent of Leticia Huijara (new president-elect of the AMACC), Peter Theis, Saidee García, Miguel Narro, César Ramones and Emma Mirthala Cantú.

Release date

After passing through FICUNAM, the Monterrey International Film Festival and the Guanajuato International Film Festival, the film Winter days debuts in national cinemas from October 15, 2021. Consult billboard!

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Official poster


Nestor Winter days
Leticia Huijara AMACC winter days

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