Will we see the extended version ‘and much darker’ of Batman Forever?


What Joel Schumacher did with Batman is bittersweetly remembered by fans of the character. However, the Dark Knight films directed by him are now seen in retrospect as cult classics. However, for a couple of years it has been known that there is an extended version of batmanforever and, according to reports from Variety of the moment: much darker.

batman forever extended version

The above was mentioned by the writer Marc Bernadin, who was invited to the podcast Fatman Beyondby Kevin Smith (via ScreenGeek) in July 2020. There, he mentioned the following:

“I have it on very good authority that there is a 170-minute cut of Batman Forever in the Warner Bros. vault. I think it delved more into his psychology as a child and his mental blocks. It is a more serious and darker version of the film. It was one of the first cuts that Joel put together with the studio and eventually they cut it because they said ‘it’s too dark for kids.’”

Will we see the extended version of batmanforever?

batmanforever It was the first film from the early Bat-Man era on screen that did not have Tim Burton directing. He had previously already been in charge of two feature films focused on Bruce Wayne.

At the time, Burton cited creative differences with WB as the main reason for his departure from the project. But there are multiple reports that suggest that what actually motivated the production house to opt for another direction were complaints from parents, who mentioned that the darkness of previous productions was not appropriate for their young children. This was what Bernadin had to say about it:

“[Ellos dijeron] ‘We need to sell those Happy Meals, so maybe we don’t have to spend so much time on the childhood trauma of murder.. We’ve got Jim Carrey, let him do his thing.’”

batman forever extended version

Would you be interested in seeing an extended version of batmanforever? It is not known if one day she will be released.but while more news is given, you can get to know these statements by Val Kilmer, who starred in the film, replacing Michael Keaton.

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