Will there be a new Blair Witch movie? Lionsgate would be interested


This is not a time to let valuable intellectual property die. Whether it’s the dinosaurs of a certain “Jurassic” saga or the lightsabers of a galaxy far, far away, the studios know that a majority of the public will want – or at least not dislike – more and more titles that continue to expand popular film universes. So let’s not rule out that the Lionsgate company presumes that same train of thought, with the intention of raising a new production of Blair’s wichthe terrifying franchise that came to light in the late 1990s.

According to an exclusive by Jeff Sneider, a journalist for The Anklerthe studio that holds the rights to Blair’s wich is revving up engines to convene creative minds and start devising a new direction for the brand.

«Start preparing those proposals, scribes of the genre, because it seems that Lionsgate is ready to venture back into the woods for another BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.since good intellectual property is never really dead in the age of streamingSneider wrote this week. On twitter.

The Blair Witch Project it hit theaters in 1999. It is a revolutionary feature film that laid the foundations for what would become a popular trend in horror. That is, the use of found-footage to imbue a hair-raising story with unusual realism. The plot follows three film students who decide to take cameras into a Maryland forest while investigating the legendary Blair Witch. From a budget of $60,000, the film ended up grossing $248.6 million globally.

From that colossal success, a second film, a series of false documentaries, books and comics then emerged. By 2016, Lionsgate—following the purchase of Artisan Entertainment—had acquired the rights to the brand and launched Blair’s wicha direct sequel to the 1999 film, directed by Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs Kong). And although it had a good performance at the box office, it was far from getting the millionaire and the laurels that rained down on the original.

In 2017, there were reports about a television show that Eduardo Sánchez —one of the directors of The Blair Witch Project— was eager to promote, as an anthology series. However, in five years no major updates have been reported in this regard. But is this project the one Lionsgate would be looking to get off the ground and not necessarily a new movie? Complemented what was written by Jeff Sneider, in the era of streaming Any thing is possible.

The Blair Witch Project is currently available in the Prime Video Mexico catalog.

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