Will Smith says which he considers his best and worst movie


For every great movie of the famous Will SmithPerhaps there is one that is particularly unfavorable. When faced with the question of which one he considers his best and worst feature film, the actor himself acknowledges that his filmography is not without failures. But, specifically which titles do you choose to pigeonhole as the good and the bad? Does it put above the time you fought an alien invasion? And does it put down the time you visited the Old West with Kevin Kline and Salma Hayek? In a recent statement, Smith dispels all doubt about it.

Last month, Will Smith lent himself to a playful magazine dynamic. GQ, consisting of responding (covertly) to different comments on social networks about himself. Through Quora, a user asked other Internet users: “In your opinion, what is the worst and best Will Smith movie?”. And the actor replied the following (via):

“The best, I think it’s a tie between the first Men in black and Looking for happiness. For different reasons, those are two near-perfect movies.. The worst? Wild wild west it is simply a thorn in my side. See me with chaps … I don’t like«.

Of course, Men in black (1997) is a cult film and a maximum reference of pop culture. Audiences and critics alike celebrate this tale of two secret agents – played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones – who deal with visitors from other planets using impeccable suits and iconic weaponry such as the “Neuralizer.” Barry Sonnenfeld’s film earned three Oscar nominations and triumphed in the Best Makeup category. At the global box office it reached $ 589.3 million, that is, more than six times its budget. Is anyone surprised that Smith holds her in such high regard?

However, the actor talks about a tie with the drama Looking for happiness (2006), a film that earned him his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor. In it, he personifies a real-life man: the salesman Chris Gardner, who would eventually become a successful businessman, but previously experienced financial and employment precariousness firsthand. This stage of uncertainty and even destitution is what the film by director Gabriele Muccino illustrates. It was not as well received by specialized critics as Men in black, but it also coincides in being a box office success: 307.1 million dollars of global collection, against a budget of $ 55 million.

Finally, the also musician and producer points to the science fiction western Wild wild west (1999) as the worst of his filmography. Smith mentions that being in chaps is equivalent to having “a thorn in your side.” However, there are clearly many other arguments against this film about two members of the United States Secret Service and their adventures in a world that rebuilds the 19th century, but with anachronistic technology. Also known as The Adventures of Jim WestThis title – a box office failure – also received eight nominations at the Golden Rasberry Awards, including the shortlist for Worst Movie of the Year.

Do you agree with the best and the worst, according to Will Smith? As an actor, Men in black (92%) is indeed his highest rated feature film on Rotten Tomatoes. Secondly, Wild wild west not the lowest rated tape, but After Earth (11%) from director M. Night Shyamalan.

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