Will Smith Responds to If He’d Like to See Yesterday’s Cut of Suicide Squad


After the successful reboot -or independent sequel- of James Gunn that we saw in 2021, it would seem logical that no one wants to hear about that unfortunate first film with Jared Leto anymore. However, there are still fans with absolute confidence that David Ayer’s rumored director’s cut deserves to be seen by the public. And in this context, the famous Will Smith (who played Deadshot in the 2016 film) recently faced the question of whether he would like to see that final version of suicide squad.

See what he replied to below. Varietyduring the premiere of the dramatic series Bel Airof which Smith is an executive producer.

“Let me tell you that there is a lot that was left on the floor to suicide squad. I’m interested [en el corte del director]. I would love to see it. I love that world. I am fascinated by what was created in both versions. I would absolutely love it,” says the Oscar nominee, as can be seen in the video above.

In August of last year, some of Will Smith’s co-stars in suicide squad They also dedicated a few words to the Ayer Cut issue (via). Were margot robbie (Harley Quinn) and Joel Kinnamann (Rick Flag), who —unlike the actor in men in black— they did repeat their respective roles in Suicide Squad by James Gunn. In Robbie’s case, she preferred to be neutral in stating that Warner Bros.’s responsibility to release or not release the David Ayer-approved version is “a very complicated whole situation.” However, she acknowledged that “I would love to see the cut of every movie I’ve ever done that I haven’t seen.”

For his part, Joel Kinnaman reiterated that the theatrical version of suicide squad It wasn’t the movie they originally wanted to make. This was due to the so-called “conflict of visions” between the distributor and the director, which would have led to more than half of the film losing its way.

“The first forty minutes [de Escuadrón Suicida] I felt great and then everything turned into a conflict of visions that ended in something I did not expect, “said the actor. “In the end it didn’t feel like the movie we wanted to make.”

Robbie and Kinnaman’s statements were accompanied by those of John Cena (Peacemaker), who, although he did not participate in David Ayer’s film, was more direct and favored the fans. «If it is something that they demand and in fact [la gente de Warner] He has it on hand, why not give it to him? », Questioned the former fighter, around the aforementioned director’s cut.

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Will Smith is coming off starring king richarda biopic drama —now available on HBO Max Latin America— that has just earned him his third Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Come in here to see the full list of nominees for the next installment of the Academy Awards.

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