Will Smith and Chris Rock already settled their differences


The last installment of the Oscars will be eternally remembered for the dispute that took place on stage at the most unexpected moment. When Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s physique, her husband Will Smith came onstage and was slapped hard by the host. Back at his assigned spot, the actor angrily yelled at him to “keep his wife’s name out of her fucking mouth.” The moment made audiences around the world uncomfortable, and it certainly made everyone in attendance at the Dolby Theater uncomfortable.

After the embarrassing moment, social networks and conversations at home practically left the award aside. To date, the only thing that is being talked about is physical aggression broadcast live on television. In addition to great analyzes on the limits of comedy, outdated formats to entertain the audience in presentations of this type; and without a doubt, about showing how violence is a wrong and shameful response regardless of who wields it.

Despite the altercation, an hour later Will Smith took the stage again. This time when they pronounced his name as the winner of the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in King Richard: A Winning Family. There he shared a speech in which he apologized to everyone except Chris Rock. He justified his behavior by aligning the situation with the personality of his character, Richard Venus. A man who “always defended his family.”

Although the apology to Rock was not public, according to reports, things between the two were fixed at the party after the awards. Like all years Vanity Fair organizes a private evening for attendees and other guests, where the great celebration of Hollywood lasts until night. Smith attended this appointment along with his wife and their two children, 23 and 21 years old. And we will have to assume that Chris Rock too.

It was the actor Sean “Diddy” Combs, who assured that things between the two had already been repaired. He revealed it when he spoke exclusively with Page Sixand was asked about the situation between the two.

“That is no longer a problem. It is over. I can confirm that,” Combs said. “It’s all love. They are brothers”.

Although the actor did not elaborate more details on how that relationship was recovered, perhaps his words make sense with the videos that have been filmed on the network. In those Will Smith is enjoying the Oscar after party, with statuette in hand, and in the company of his family and friends.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn’t do much about it after what happened. At most, hours later he published a small statement on Twitter in which he assured that the organization is not in favor of violence. And in his lines he also asked that all the winners of this edition be celebrated.

It was also reported that Chris Rock could press charges against Will Smith. If the authorities were involved, the recent Oscar winner could pay a fine of up to 100 thousand dollars and even spend up to six months behind bars. However, the comedian assured that he has no intention of proceeding legally.

Meanwhile, in news that shouldn’t be secondary, the big night of the Oscars rewarded coda as the best film. And the sci-fi epic dunes, was the winner of the ceremony with six statuettes in technical categories. Meet all the winners here.

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