Will Roland Emmerich move to Marvel or DC?


One of the filmmakers in Hollywood who is characterized by his great productions and audiovisual spectacularity is undoubtedly the director of Independence Day. With Roland Emmerich’s new movie on the horizon, many wonder what his next project would be and why not allow him to venture into the world of superheroes at the hands of DC or Marvel. In this regard, the director has an opinion and also some comments to offer about these franchises.

When Roland Emmerich was asked (via) about his aspirations to one day direct a superhero movie for Marvel or DC, the filmmaker was less than convinced. Without disparaging any of the tapes of both franchises, Emmerich explained that he feels that these types of projects are not suitable for him.

“It’s just not my thing. I mean, other people do. I always try to make original films. It’s just mine. There are other people who can do it. I mean, there are so many great directors.”

When asked how many Marvel movies he has seen, Emmerich confessed that: “I would say I’ve seen a lot of them, but not all of them.”

Instead the director focuses on trying to carry out projects with original stories. Looking to the future, Emmerich says that for any author there is always a need to make things better. Overcome yourself, but perhaps in results if in challenges when making a new audiovisual product.

“I think my next movie or TV series will be about ancient Rome and it’s about sports. That will be interesting if it happens. So I have to do 10 episodes with about 120 million dollars. That’s going to be a challenge because you have all these animals and things. You can’t make a real accident happen with cars, so you have to do everything digitally. That can be interesting.”

Emmerich recognized the importance that television has acquired today and the quality that it has reached almost equaling the cinema. It is interesting for him to enter that world because of how much can be done in creative terms.

“It’s interesting to have ancient Rome. It’s really interesting because there’s no TV show about it. There is no TV show about horse racing. There is one called spartacus, but they are very stylized, super stylized. So making it more detailed, how it really was, is going to be quite a challenge.”

moon fall It will be the director’s new film, focused on magnifying the great nobility that have characterized his cinema over the years. Of course we refer to natural disasters and space adventures. This story will explore the hypothetical case where the position of the Moon is naturally altered to cause gravitational changes that would affect the Earth.

The film stars Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Michael Peña and Donald Sutherland. Its premiere in Mexico is scheduled for next February 3.

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