Will Robin appear in Batgirl? Image from the set raises suspicions


A photograph from the set of Batgirl, the upcoming DC Films movie, provides a colorful look at Batman and Robin. But what exactly does it entail? To begin with, it is not that both superheroes have been seen shooting scenes for the film. The photograph in question simply exhibits a mural — about to be mounted on location — where Bat Man and Wonder Boy are represented. In any case, this image was enough to generate debate on social networks. Will we see a new incarnation of the dynamic duo?

In the previous tweet, on the one hand, we have Batman in a distinctive dark suit and a yellow emblem on his chest. Such characteristics correspond, of course, to the version of Michael Keaton, who played the vigilante thirty years ago in the Tim Burton films. And as we well know, the actor will wear the bat mask again in The Flash, the next installment of the DC Extended Universe directed by Andy Muschietti. But also, in December 2021 reports emerged that Keaton will also play Bruce Wayne in Batgirl.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Batman appears in that mural in the film. The opposite is the case of the masked young man next to him, whose red, green and yellow suit, with an unmistakable letter “R”, is not fooling anyone. It is about Robin, his faithful companion from the comics. However, Michael Keaton’s Bat Man never had the support of Boy Wonder, which is why it is particularly strange to see both characters together.

Even a user on Twitter has already confirmed that the Robin in the mural is basically a copy of the cover of Robin 80th Anniversary, a 100-page comic published only in 2020. Consequently, it is even more unusual that that false wall merges the Batman of the movies with the Boy Wonder of the printed matter.

In response to the leaked photograph, several netizens assumed that there will indeed be an incarnation of Robin in Batgirl. Now, if that’s true, who would be the intrepid boy behind the mask? Let us remember that from the comics, several characters have adopted the alter ego. For example, the tragic Jason Todd – murdered by Joker – or Tim Drake, whose first name was a tribute to Tim Burton himself.

On the other hand, for days it has been rumored that Dick grayson —The first Wonder Boy in the comics — will be featured in Batgirl. Even names like Joshua Bassett or Dylan O’Brien sound to interpret it.

Moreover, if we stick to the fact that the film’s mural is based on the cover of Robin 80th Anniversary, the version represented is that of Grayson. And as a fun fact, Warner Bros. originally intended for Dick Grayson to appear in Batman of Burton, but was finally left out at the director’s insistence. For Batman returnsThe idea of ​​including Robin – now personified by Marlon Wayans – was also scrambled, although obviously said proposal did not bear fruit either.

The last time we saw Dick Grayson in movies live-action It was thanks to Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & robin (1997) with the face of Chris O’Donnell.

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Batgirl It is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Ms. Marvel). The actor Leslie grace takes on the title role and heads a stellar cast that includes – in addition to Michael Keaton – JK Simmons like Commissioner Gordon already Brendan frarser like Firefly.

The movie will land directly on HBO Max sometime in 2022.

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