Will Jack Bauer return? There are “active discussions” to revive series 24


Twenty-four hours, twenty-four chapters. Are you ready for a new race against time? According to recent reports, there is a strong chance that the hit series 24 revive somehow. The original show on the FOX network consisted of nine seasons, from which a television movie and a spin-off also emerged. However, it has already been more than four years since we last saw a production of said franchise. Therefore, the most fanatics will undoubtedly see favorably that a revival can become reality.

According to Deadline, There are currently talks between some producers who are focused on landing a proposal to bring the series back 24.

“There is still a possibility, there are still some discussions with the producers about an approach that we have yet to hear,” he declared. Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment. “There are some active creative discussions going on.”

Secondly, Deadline also would have previously heard that no new version is official yet. This was said by Howard Gordon, executive producer of the original show, who pointed out that there will be no certainties until “all the pieces come together.”

The first season of 24 it premiered in November 2001. From there, he turned his attention to Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), an agent in an anti-terrorist unit who has the hard work of preventing catastrophe and saving the day. Among the particularities of the show that immediately hooked the audience, stands out its narration in real time – an episode of one hour counts an hour in Bauer’s life – and its use of the multiscreen in order to show different actions that happen simultaneously, which It becomes a great resource to increase suspense.

Throughout its first eight seasons, 24 it obtained a score of Emmy Awards, as well as an exorbitant number of nominations. In 2006 he won the awards for Best Dramatic Series, Best Direction and Best Leading Actor. The TV movie 24: Redemption arrived in November 2008, with the aim of addressing events that happened between the sixth and seventh series of chapters. The ninth season premiered in 2014 and three years later the unfortunate spin-off saw the light 24: Legacy.

In early 2020, executive producer Manny Coto issued a statement that a revival was indeed in development. He even theorized that Fox was looking for a way to get the star of the original show back on.

All I know is that they [Fox] are still interested in 24, to bring her back in any way, “said Coto. «I’m pretty sure they’re trying to find a way to summon Kiefer again. [Sutherland]».

24 is part of the catalog of the platform streaming Star Plus, which just arrived in Mexico last week. Come on here to know more details about the latest server video on demand that threatens our wallets.

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