Will Harley Quinn be an important part of Joker 2?

In recent days, Todd Phillips shared an image with which he announced his return to directing for a new installment of the most famous crime clown in Gotham. This also confirmed the return of Joaquin Phoenix to the leading role. However, the new title it will have Joker 2 has put everyone to plot various theories that point to the appearance of Harley Quinn.

The sequel to joker will be titled Folie a Deux, a French expression meaning “folly of two”, or “shared madness”. Those who are fans of the character and the animated series, believe that such a title can only mean one thing. Of course, for them, everything indicates that on this occasion the clown will have his faithful partner in madness.

Harley Quinn is occasionally the Joker’s sentimental partner and in others she is just his criminal accomplice. Todd Phillips’ production approach built Arthur Fleck’s character as a lonely man desperate for sentimental love. Those who saw the film know that he even invented in his head a love relationship that led to psychotic obsession. It would certainly be interesting to witness the evolution of that narrative with the inclusion of Quinn.

Certainly no one expects Margot Robbie to reprise the role she has played so well for the DCEU. Instead, a new actress would be expected to step up to create the character from scratch. Just at the beginning of this year, many media reported rumors that Lady Gaga would have met with the studio to calibrate an offer for this character.

If the above were confirmed, Lady Gaga could become Harley Quinn to star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the long-awaited Joker 2. It would then be the second confirmed person in the cast for a story that at the moment remains in the shadows.

On the other hand, many have pointed to the possibility that Folie a Deux It’s just a working title. In any case, the meaning can lead us to different possibilities. Perhaps the shared madness alludes to the influence that the character will now have with the rest of the citizens of Gotham City, after having become an icon of anarchy for many.

The first film explored Arthur Fleck’s mind through a surgeon’s loupe. Shared madness could also signify the approach of shared disorder syndrome. A psychotic phenomenon discovered by Charles Lasègue and Jules Falret in the 19th century. The above is exciting because it would show us a facet of the character in which he shows off his abilities to manipulate other people and unite them in his cult.

The script of Joker: Folie a Deux It was written by Phillips himself in the company of Scott Silver. Production on the film is expected to begin soon, though a tentative release date has not yet been shared by the studio.

Would you be excited to see Harley Quinn in Joker 2?

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