Why was Netflix co-head Reed Hastings named Philanthropist of the Year?

Although Netflix has been involved in some controversy lately, there are also good things to note. In this case it is about the actions carried out by one of its leaders, Reed Hastings. The co-director of Netflix and philanthropist has been characterized by his charitable work in recent years and now The Hollywood Reporter has named it “philanthropist of the year”.

His wife, Patricia Ann Quillin, executive producer on several documentaries, has been his partner in all the charity work he has undertaken over the last few decades. The largest and most important donation, and which also made him worthy of this recognition, was made in 2020. After the controversial death of George Floyd, the couple donated $120 million dollars to the so-called Historically Black Schools and Universities (HBCU). in English). The reason? Ensuring that African American youth can access bigger and better educational opportunities for their future.

Despite its great projects, Netflix has lost a large number of subscribers in recent months

Michael Lomax, President of United Negro College Fund, an organization that also benefited, said that the donation would originally be for half that amount. Derived from the manifestations of the movement Black Lives Matter, Hastings and other benefactors decided to increase their contribution. However, the co-founder of Netflix is ​​a rather peculiar philanthropist, because according to Lomax (via):

“If everyone would be so generous and open to let us make decisions on how to have the greatest impact, we would be very grateful. Many donors tell us ‘This is exactly what I want you to do’. I think he has confidence in the institutions that he supports.”

On the impact that he expects with his donation, this Hastings commented for The Hollywood Reporter:

“There was a legacy of segregation. We had to create black schools because white schools wouldn’t let them in. With integration, the goal is to have many black graduates from Princeton and Stanford. And that’s a good thing, it’s happening.”

Fortunately for the platform, Stranger Things 4 became one of its biggest hits.

In recent months, Netflix has faced several controversies over the reception of its content and the diversity they handle. Many users say that it is a forced inclusion and that it is not necessary to have African-American characters or queer in all productions. This was answered by the co-director of Netflix when asked about how he wants the platform’s content to reformulate the world in which we live (via):

“Mostly, we want very entertaining content. That makes you say “I can’t wait to see more of this” instead of acting like a lecture. The essence is, again, to tell great stories. Are we at the forefront of diversity and casting? Look Bridgerton. Then yes. But we have to do it through an entertaining lens or it won’t be seen.”

In addition to his participation in the giant of the streamingHastings sits on the boards of Facebook, several nonprofit organizations, and is a former member of the California State Board of Education. He founded Netflix with Marc Randolph in 1998 after his interest in starting an e-commerce business. Nobody imagined that this would unleash a revolution in the way of viewing content.

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