Why Netflix doesn’t want to release Stranger Things one episode at a time

The director of scripted series at Netflix explained that the company is currently very satisfied with its premiere model for stranger things. Unlike other platforms streamingNetflix has no plans to release season 5 (or its already planned spin-off) of stranger things one episode at a time.

In an interview with Variety, Peter Friedlander spoke about it. “That’s how fans of stranger things They are used to watching the series. To change that would be very disappointing for them. Stranger Things is a seasonal experience and that’s what people expect. Not giving them what they expect would be an abrupt change for the members.”

stranger things episode at a time
Netflix will not release Stranger Things one episode at a time.

Despite the fact that the model of releasing complete seasons was very attractive when the platforms just began to appear, today it is a strategy that has fallen into disuse. Platforms like Amazon Prime Video (The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Star Plus (Pam & Tommy, The Heartthrob) have preferred to make the consumption of the series an experience more similar to that of regular television, one episode a week.

Of course, Netflix has had some exceptions to its model, such as Luis Miguel, the series Y Better Call Saul. These, however, are not original Netflix productions and that is why their distribution models have been different.

For now, we can expect that the next season of stranger things It arrives complete at the same time. And, of course, the same will surely apply to the rest of the original series produced by the platform. At least in the near future.

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