Why is “Dos little caterpillars” nominated and not “Bruno” for Charm?


Charm, the latest animated film from the House of Mouse about a family with magical powers that lives in an isolated and picturesque Colombian town, arrived in theaters with a very discreet commercial run. It wasn’t until it debuted on Disney Plus that it became a global phenomenon, but thanks to its peculiar repertoire of songs. Regarding the announced Oscar 2022 nominations, there is a doubt that can genuinely seize locals and strangers. And it is that, why the song “Two caterpillars” is nominated in the category of best original song and not the even more successful «There is no talk of Bruno»?

This Tuesday, February 8, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Charm three Oscar nominations: best animated film, best soundtrack (Germain Franco) and best original song (Lin-Manuel Miranda). But to the surprise of many “Two caterpillars”written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and performed by Sebastian Yatra, was chosen to shine in the list of best original song and not the phenomenon “No one talks about Bruno”, whose English version («We don’t talk about Bruno») made history by reaching number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

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There is no talk of Bruno Oscar 2022
“No one talks about Bruno”

Why “No one talks about Bruno” not listed in the 2022 Oscars?

Although there is no rule that prevents Disney from entering multiple songs for consideration at the Oscars (Beauty and the Beast; The Lion King), The Hollywood Reporter states that the House of Mouse has preferred, in recent years, to submit only one song per animated film for avoid splitting the vote.

That said, THR learned that the decision to enroll Two Caterpillars” had to do with merely narrative aspects that will capture the essence of the film, especially for a scene as symbolic as it is emotional in the story of Charm. The topic “Two caterpillars” musicizes the flash back narrating the tragic past of grandmother Alma, the matriarch of the Madrigal clan, and her late husband Pedro. In fact, the choice to enroll “Two caterpillars” at the Oscars was taken before the release of Charm in theaters, on November 24, since the deadline for registration for the Oscars was November 1.

and although “No one talks about Bruno” It has become one of the most successful songs of Charmthe two-time Oscar nominee Lin-Manuel Miranda explained why the theme “Two caterpillars” is perfect for the contest and what makes it so special within the animated film.

“No one could have foreseen the success of the soundtrack, let alone that it was going to be [‘No se habla de Bruno’] the one that exploded [de éxito]», declared its composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, in an interview with Elvis Duran and The Morning Show. “When you submit a song for consideration,I always think that it is not a question of sending the one that is going to win or not, but of the one that symbolizes the spirit of the film itself. That’s always the guiding principle,” he explained. «‘Two Caterpillars’ is the basic story [de Encanto] and it’s a song that I’m very proud of,” he said.

Charming two little caterpillars
“Two caterpillars”

And Bruno’s song?

In the film, Bruno is the missing uncle of Mirabel, the protagonist of the story who has the task of preventing her family’s magic from perish. She soon discovers that this relative of hers—one she’s never met—may be key to fulfilling her mission. Therefore, Mirabel is given the task of asking the rest of her family what they know about the enigmatic Bruno. This leads to a bouncy musical moment where members of his family and other townspeople explain why talking about him is forbidden.

“Two caterpillars” the golden statuette will be disputed against “Be Alive”from King Richard: A Winning Family; down to joy«from Belfast; “No Time To Die”from No Time to Die and “Somehow You Do”from Four Good Days.

Check HERE the complete list of nominees for the Oscar 2022.

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