Why does Woody Allen want to retire after his next movie?

Despite the fact that Woody Allen is one of the most acclaimed directors in the film industry, his last few years have not been the best. The controversy over the alleged abuse that he exercised against Dylan Farrow and the change in the cinematographic exhibition have reduced his desire to continue creating stories. Now we know that Woody Allen plans to retire sooner than planned, and it is he himself who delves into his reasons.

During a transmission through Instagram Together with Alec Baldwin, the director reflected on how the pandemic has changed his routine and motivated him to rethink the future he wants.

“I don’t have to go out, I don’t have to make a movie. I’m at home and there’s nothing I can do, just exercise, practice my clarinet and write. So I thought: what if I don’t make a movie? Maybe do one or two more. You know, I’m 86 years old. I like to stay home and write.”

But the pandemic didn’t just change Woody Allen’s mindset. In just two years, the film industry underwent enormous changes; many movies don’t even make it to theaters anymore. And those that do, have a smaller exclusivity window, that is, some are already released in digital format a few weeks after reaching the big screen. This situation also did not go unnoticed by Allen, who cites it as one of his main reasons for leaving the cinema:

“I’ll probably do at least one more movie, but a lot of the excitement is gone because it doesn’t have the same cinematic effect anymore. When I started making movies, they went straight to theaters across the country. People came in groups of hundreds to see it on the big screen. Now you make a movie and they give you a few weeks in the theater – maybe six, two, whatever – and they go straight to streaming or pay per view.

One thing to keep in mind is that Woody Allen’s movies tend to target a more adult audience. Y according to studies made, that is the sector that still does not return to the cinema with the same regularity as three years ago, for example. The adult public, like many other sectors, has found its new way to watch movies in streaming and big televisions.

“People love to sit at home with their big screens and they have good sound and clear pictures, but it’s not the same as when I went to the movies. It’s not as enjoyable for me as it was before. I don’t have the same fun of making a movie and putting it in a house.”

His new movie will start filming in Paris this fall and could be released in 2023. Do you think Woody Allen should retire after his next movie?

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