Why did Doctor Strange 2 take George RR Martin back in time?

Now what The multiverse of madness came to the world of platforms streaming, those who could not -or did not dare- to attend the cinema to see it have been able to sink their teeth into the latest from Marvel. The Sam Raimi-directed film reached the eyes of fans and came away with divided opinions. Some praise that the film subtly departed from the MCU to highlight the authorial stamp of its director; and others, on the other hand, maintain that the experiment ended in an illogical strangeness for the superheroic universe. Yet all of these opinions pale in comparison to what a figure like George RR Martin might have to say about Doc Strange 2.

The famous author of Game of Thrones he does everything in his daily life, except finish the literary saga Song of ice and fire. And she doesn’t try to hide it. Through its Blog staffrecounts the episodes that seem transcendent to him from his day to day and it seems that the viewing of the multiverse of madness was one of them.

The also screenwriter confessed that he owns a movie theater for himself. And even his popcorn factory makes probably the best popcorn in the county. As for the Sam Raimi film, he only had positive things to say. And he even applauded the inclusion of Clea, one of his favorite characters from the Doctor comics.

“Sam Raimi has always been one of my favorite directors. And Dr. Strange has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters,” George said. “And this version of Dr. Strange, slipping through portals into surreal dimensions filled with floating things and alternate realities, was the Doctor I fell in love with, long ago, when the world was young (and so was I). They even gave us CLEA! I love Clea!”

Additionally, Martin noted that watching the film brought back childhood memories. Those have to do with his professed love for cartoonist Steve Ditko and his work on the comics. Doctor Strange. For the creator of Westeros, Ditko is (in his not-so-humble opinion) “one of the greatest comic book artists to ever pick up a pencil.”

Fortunately, George RR Martin met in person the visual creator of Doctor Strange. It all happened at a comic convention in Greenwich Village in 1964. There, even the cartoonist confessed that Stephen Strange was also the favorite of his creations.

“I was fifteen years old. The entire scam took place in a small room in a union hall of sorts, with street vendors selling old comics in cardboard boxes along one wall and speakers at a podium out front. The fabulous Flo Steinberg showed up… and so did Steve Ditko. He might as well have been the one comicon which he attended… but I was able to talk to him and tell him how much I loved his art. Especially in Dr. Strange. Ditko was reserved, maybe a little shy, but cool enough. He told me that Dr. Strange was his favorite too. Yes, even more than Spider-Man.”

As with Martin, those who appreciated the second part of Doctor Strange they especially praised Sam Raimi’s hand. The filmmaker allowed himself to use his entire school of B-movie horror to create a psychedelic piece of the absurd. The images of him where semi-zombies, deaths of iconic characters and dark witchcraft, without a doubt, completely permeated the character’s adventure through the multiverse.

You can now watch the movie through Disney Plus. And here you can read our review, where it is also mentioned that “Steve Ditko is the one who would be most honored by the images that Raimi has configured”.

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