Why Chris Hemsworth Thought Ghostbusters Would End His Career

A group of ghostbusters with all women did not sit well with much of the public. We know that well. But the reason Chris Hemsworth thought that Ghostbusters of 2016 – where he played clueless receptionist Kevin Beckman – would end his career was oblivious to the sexist comments and the dismal box office performance that overshadowed that reboot from SonyPictures. Actually, Hemsworth’s fears erupted even before filming, when director Paul Feig gave him a new and intimidating challenge: improvisation.

In a recent interview with GQChris Hemsworth told the anecdote about Paul Feig handing him a script for Ghostbusters with little clarity around the dialogues and actions of his character.

“I said to Paul, ‘There’s not much on the page, what do you want me to do?’ And he said, ‘Oh, we’ll figure it out when you get here.’ So I said, ‘Okay, why not? Let’s do it’. And I got there, showed up at the studio the day before we started shooting, and he handed me the script. I read it and said, ‘There’s nothing here yet, what am I doing?’ And he said, ‘Okay, let’s improvise and have fun,’ “he narrated.

By then, Hemsworth evidently already knew very well who the leading ladies in the film would be. Neither more nor less than Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, four comedians ready for improvisation and trained at the school of Saturday night Live. In fact, the Australian had just served as the host of one of the episodes of that famous comedy show, and that was how Feig had his eye on him to integrate him into the cast and Ghostbusters. However, the actor was far from feeling confident in sustaining an entire film without the constant backing of a script.

«My immediate reaction was that this would not only be the end of my career, but it would ruin this movie.. I thought: ‘I’m going to disappoint everyone, I haven’t done this before, what am I doing?’ », he told GQ.

On the other hand, Hemsworth acknowledges that during filming, “the sense of camaraderie and collaboration” with the rest of the cast was so great that he managed to overcome the enormous challenge that was presented to him. And we could almost assure that she greatly enjoyed that experience, because the following year, when it was time to film Thor: RagnarökThe actor completely agreed with director Taika Waititi that this MCU movie was 80% improvised.

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