Who will lead live-action Hercules? Reveal the director of the remake

As if Marvel and Star Wars weren’t enough, the Mouse House still has a lot to exploit for its film series of remakes live action. It is certainly understandable: since this new trend started, with titles like maleficent of 2014, Disney has drunk million after million as if it were water. And with each monetary success —Beauty and the Beastof 2017, and The Lion King, of 2019, to say the highest grossing – the company adds together close to $ 9,000 million dollars in collections. With that background, a project like Hercules obviously it goes ahead and this week it was revealed who will be the responsible director.

remake of Hercules (1997) already has a director

According to dead linethe director’s chair Hercules will flaunt a filmmaker already familiar with these multi-million dollar remakes. It is neither more nor less than the British Guy Ritchiewho also carried the baton for the film Aladdin of 2019. This production exceeded one billion dollars at the box office, despite the lukewarm reception from critics (57% on Rotten Tomatoes). It featured Will Smith as the Lamp Genie and legendary composer Alan Menken at the helm of the soundtrack.

For now, Hercules It is in very early stages of development. Therefore, there are no concise reports around the cast. Wow, we don’t even know if Menken will be involved, which wouldn’t be strange, because in the end – as happened with Aladdin Y Beauty and the Beast— he also did the music for the original animated films.

Of course, since 2020, there is already a dream cast on social networks that brings together supporters and detractors alike. According to that proposal, the ideal cast would be Michael B. Jordan as Hercules, Ariana Grande as Megara, Danny DeVito as Phil, Sam Rockwell as Hades, Idris Elba as Zeus and Cate Blanchett as Hera. Who would you leave and who would you remove?

The remake about the strong Greek demigod will be produced by Joe and Anthony Russo (directors of Avengers: Endgame) through its production house AGBO. Two years ago, the second of them assured that his Hercules will bring “something new to the table”; that is, it will not be a literal copy of the argument corresponding to the 1997 animation.

“We’ve already done that with our Marvel movies,” Anthony told Collider (via). “We don’t do literal translations of the comics because we think if you want that story you can go read it. We are going to tell you a different story. I think we’ll do something similar to and inspired by the original film, but also bring some new elements to the table.”

remake of Hercules (1997) already has a director

Guy Ritchie is coming off directing the thriller ruthless justice (2021) with Jason Statham in the lead. He is recognized for that and other crime-themed films such as snatch (2000), Stir (2005) and The Knights (2019). And of course, he also led the two deliveries Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. as the famous detective. What is your favorite film by the director?

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