Who Killed Sara?, Season 3 – Premiere and everything you need to know


Since March 24, 2021, when Netflix launched the first season, the Chilean writer and screenwriter José Ignacio Valenzuela has kept us in constant suspense to discover the inconsistencies, secrets, and betrayals surrounding Sara’s murder. The story starring Manolo Cardona will continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding the crime to discover once and for all who really killed Sara? in season 3 of Who killed Sarah? Here’s everything you need to know about the premiere.

What is it about?

Produced by Perro Azul, created by José Ignacio Valenzuela and directed by David Ruiz and Bernardo de la Rosa,Who killed Sarah?follows the tragic life of Álex Guzmán, who after spending 18 years unjustly imprisoned in prison, devises the perfect plan to discover the real murderer of his sister Sara and the reason why the Lazcano family blamed him for the crime. However, his desire for revenge will lead him down extremely dangerous paths that he did not imagine. Things get worse when he confronts the real culprit wishing he hadn’t gone all the way.

The synopsis of season 3 anticipates the following:

«When we thought we knew who had planned Sara’s death, everything changes in the final scene of the second season when Nicandro mentions that it was not Marifer but “us” who killed her. Who is behind the truth? Who really killed Sara?


In addition to the recurring actions of Manolo Cardonathe Spanish actor Ginés García Millán, Carolina Miranda, Claudia Ramírez, Alejandro Nones, Eugenio Siller, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Luis Roberto Guzmán and Fátima Molina, season 3 of Who killed Sarah? surprises us with the acting incursion of Rebecca Jones Y jean reindeerprotagonist of The perfect assassin.

Release date

season 3 of Who killed Sarah? will reach the catalog of the giant of streaming the May 18, 2022.

Who killed Sarah?a success of Netflix

The first season of Who killed Sarah?became a resounding success, because around55 million homesaround the world has enjoyed this story embedded in a narrative of mystery, drama and revenge. Netflix Latin America announced thatWho killed Sarah?has been, during its first four weeks, in theTop 10 from 87 countriesincludingFrance,Germany,Israel,BrazilYUSA.

Trailer for Who Framed Sara 3?


Manolo Cardona and Carolina Miranda Who Killed Sara 3 premiere
Jean Reno Who Framed Sara 3
jean reindeer

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