What would have to happen for a reboot of The Office? BJ Novak responds

Many have expected office come back one way or another. The series came to an end in 2013 after 9 seasons that captivated the audience and continue to be a reference for many television lovers. The identifiable situations, the chemistry between the cast and the fineness of the script were essential elements to mark a before and after. Some creatives have given small hints of a possible return, while actors like John Krasinski and Mindy Kaling have expressed that they would return under certain circumstances. Now it’s the turn of BJ Novak, actor, writer, director and producer of the series… Is it possible a reboot of office?

While promoting his new movie, vengeanceNovak talked about what should happen to see more adventures in this peculiar work environment (via):

“I think it should be seen as an artistic decision, not a financial one. I am concerned that there is so much economic pressure, understandably, around this precious metal called officebe it a reboot, spinoff or whatever. office It was originally made for the very opposite of money.”

If we are honest, many stories (movies, series, etc.) have returned to the screens under the pretext of “adapting to the new generations.” However, it is clear that they are only looking for money and do not care about exalting what made them icons. Pick on office It is a serious matter, because it is not only one of the best series in history, but one with very vocal fans on networks. In addition, it was a project that, according to Novak’s words, was made with the sole aim of entertaining.

“It appeared to us in the writers’ room as the stupidest and least lucrative decision. Making a mockumentary set in an office. No stars, no music, no colors, no audience study. A remake of a British show, everyone hated us for trying.”

In short, to revive such an important story, you need to offer something different. Why offer the same if all the chapters that the public loves are available in streaming? Fortunately, the actors who participated in the American version seek to preserve the legacy they built over the years, since they would only return to their characters if the script and the production team deserve it.

If you’re a fan, what would you like to see in a reboot of office? Do you think the series deserves to return?

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