What does the post credits scene of Spider-Man No Road Home mean?


Finally arrived Spider-Man No Way Home And with this, in the tradition of Marvel Studios together with Sony Pictures, when passing their first final credits, those where they present the main cast and crew that participated in the film, we have the post credits scene of Spiderman and naturally this will generate some doubts for those who have not fully followed the arachnid films … or in this case those produced by Sony Pictures and not necessarily Marvel Studios.

Below are spoilers for the post credits scene from Spiderman No Road Home.

The scene presents us with Tom Hardy who is in a bar on a Mexican beach (he has a striking cap that says Mexico) and there he is a bit drunk but is able to carry on a conversation with both the Venom symbiote and the local bartender. , played by Cristo Fernández (Dani Rojas in Ted Lasso) who has explained the presence of characters that clearly do not exist in Venom‘s universe such as Tony Stark, Hulk and a purple alien who wanted some gems, to which Eddie Brock says « That can’t be, the aliens don’t want that … »

The bartender tells him that his family disappeared with the snap and that he takes it very seriously. Later Eddie and Venom believe that they must go to New York to meet this Spider-Man, but immediately they disappear from this place, just as the villains and the Peter of the different universes did. Although in the end we see that a piece of the symbiote was left on the bar of the place.

post credits spiderman scene

Two movies, one sequence

Who have not seen Venom: Carnage released, or have stayed at post credits scene From the movie, you will know that while Spiderman is only on screen, the Tom Hardy movie introduces them for the first time. What happens in this scene is that we see Eddie resting in Mexico watching a soap opera but suddenly his room changes and we see that he has reached the universe of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, this because on television there is a report by J. Jonah Jameson where he unmasks the arachnid.

It is then that both Sony post-credits sequences are perfectly linked although it seems that the meeting between the two Tom, Hardy and Holland, ended before starting. The Doctor Strange spell transported Eddie Brock to the MCU, but by the end of Spider-Man No Way Home, the supreme sorcerer sent all the villains back to his universe and forget the existence of Peter Parker, so Eddie will have to settle for sharing the universe with Morbius.

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