Warner responds to Ruby Rose accusations against Batwoman


Early this Wednesday, the actress Ruby rose shared a series of posts on Instagram Stories about her “horrible” experience on the set of Batwoman. Let’s remember that she gave life to the title character of this series live-action of The CW during its first season. However, in the spring of 2020, it was reported that Rose had resigned from the program and the justifications she provided in this regard always pointed to the need to take a break, to regain optimal health. In fact, he never expressed disagreement with the production leaders of Batwoman, but this week everything changed.

Ruby Rose in Batwoman

After the media uproar generated by Ruby Rose’s comments on social networks, Warner Bros. TV issued a brief and energetic statement in which it acknowledges that the actress was fired – she never voluntarily resigned – after subjecting her to investigation. Such an investigation was due, according to the company, to the “multiple behavioral complaints” that rained down on Rose during her participation in Batwoman. Thus, Warner maintains that the actor was the one who acted improperly, not them.

“Despite the revisionist story that Ruby Rose now shares online aimed at producers, cast, crew, network and studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to exercise its option to hire Ruby for the second season of Batwoman based on multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were thoroughly reviewed and handled privately out of respect for all involved«, Reads the statement (via).

What are Ruby Rose’s accusations?

The recent accusations of the Australian interpreter are aimed at Caroline dries, showrunner of the Batwoman, of his co-star Dougray scott, from Peter roth, former president of Warner Bros. TV, and even mentions the executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter.

“It’s enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on that set. I will come for you so that what happened to me never happens to another person again. And so I can finally get my life and the truth back. They should be ashamed of themselves, ”wrote Ruby Rose in Instagram Stories.

First of all, Rose accused Peter Roth of inappropriate behavior. He asserted that he would have required women to use a garment steamer on their pants, specifically on the crotch, while they were still wearing them. The actress also noted that Roth hired a private investigator to follow her, who was eventually fired as his report “did not fit” with the executive’s narrative.

Ruby Rose in Batwoman

Still on her Instagram Stories, Rose shared a video about the emergency surgery she had to undergo in 2019 after suffering a back injury while filming the show. There he wrote that Warner demanded that he return to the film set just ten days after his operation. Otherwise, the studio would lose millions and “the entire cast and crew would be fired,” rather than Peter Roth and company considering other alternatives so that she would have enough time to heal.

«To my dear, dear fans who still ask me if I’m going back to that horrible show, I wouldn’t be coming back for any amount of money or if a gun was pointed at my head. Nor did I quit! I didn’t quit! They ruined Kate Kane and destroyed Batwoman, I do not. I was following orders, and if I wanted to stay, I had to give up my rights. Any threat, intimidation or blackmail tactic would not make me withdraw, “wrote the actor.

A bumpy production

Later, the Australian delved into other mishaps that occurred during the filming of Batwoman that basically showed the callousness of the high command. She mentioned that a production assistant ended up quadriplegic during filming and that The CW initially refused to give her the support she needed because they had to “investigate” the circumstances of the incident first. According to Rose, they first tried to hold her entirely responsible for her injury by being distracted by her cell phone.

“His accident happened because our show refused to stop when everyone else did because of COVID. Caroline Dries has no heart and wanted us to end the season during the pandemic. I told him it was a bad idea. I told him that everyone was very distracted, constantly checking for updates on COVID and [la situación de] his friends”.

He also states that Dries only visited the set of Batwoman about four or five times a year, which he called unheard of. “She almost killed someone,” Rose claimed, and even commented that the showrunner tried to cover up that the injuries suffered by the main actress happened during the filming of the series.

Ruby Rose in Batwoman

Already in the final stretch of his statements, the 35-year-old actor called his co-star Dougray scott —Jacob Kane’s performer on Batwoman– as someone “unprofessional” and “a nightmare”. In his Instagram Stories he wrote that the actor “hurt a stunt double […] he left when he wanted, he came when he wanted […] he abused women ».

The third season of Batwoman It premiered just last October 13 through The CW. As in the second installment, the actor Javicia leslie remains at the helm of the cast as Ryan Wilder, Gotham City’s new Bat Woman.

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