Warner Channel prepares a new Friends marathon: day and time


With the meeting held by the six friends, the channel prepares a new string of special episodes.

Approaching three decades of Friends, the series is still valid and with millions of fans around the world, love that was rekindled after the emotional reunion carried out by HBO Max just a couple of weeks ago. Taking advantage of the clean and jerk, the Warner Channel will celebrate a new marathon with several of the episodes most loved by all.

When? It will be next Saturday, June 26 from 10 in the morning, through the Warner Bros. cable signal. The marathon will include a tour through the 10 seasons, highlighting an episode of each of these, making a selection of the most representative or those most loved by the fans.

Ross and Rachel from Friends 1 are still together

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Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey are ready to join you this Saturday with the new marathon of Friends And we can think of few more tempting plans than waking up with a coffee, as if it were prepared in Central Perk, and having a hearty breakfast with the six most iconic and beloved friends on television.

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