Warner Bros Discovery will completely reorganize DC movies and series


Following the completion of the $43 billion purchase of Discovery from WarnerMedia, the new company is already planning some changes to its new properties. As reported Varietythe CEO of the newly created Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav, is thinking of consolidating all DC properties into a single vertical.

The model that this action could follow would be similar to the one currently carried by Marvel Studios. Under this plan, Zaslav would look for a person who is in charge of guiding the future of all DC titles (in film and television), very much in the style of what Kevin Feige does in the MCU. The idea, specifically, would be to ensure that all of his intellectual properties are aligned and thus “maximize the value of his superhero catalog.”

also according to VarietyBefore completing the acquisition, Zaslav had approved a few candidates to take over this vertical. Emma Watts, former executive of 20th Century Studios and Paramount was one of the candidates. However, everything indicates that she will not be the one to keep the position.

What will happen to DC movies after the merger of Warner Bros and Discovery?

warner bros discovery DC
The merger of Warner Bros and Discovery could alter the future of DC.

Many executives at Discovery seem to feel that while DC has been successful with releases like The Batman and Joker, the company lacks a cohesive and creative brand strategy.

At the moment, the DC Films branch is under the command of Walter Hamada, who took the role after Jon Berg and Geoff Johns in 2018. Although this division has generally shown successful results, Hamada’s contract will be active until 2023 and from here to then they could take the opportunity to direct efforts towards the new plan.

Exactly what steps Zaslav will take to achieve his financial goals (he promised to find $3 billion in synergies) is not yet known, but DC’s intellectual properties will definitely form a crucial part of the plan. Whether the vision that Zach Snyder began with the “Snyderverse” is continued and consolidated or set up a studio similar to Marvel StudiosThe only certainty is that DC fans can expect plenty of changes in the months to come.

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