Wander Darkly – Trailer and where to see the movie with Diego Luna and Sienna Miller


Directed by Tara Miele (Arrow, Batwoman), Wander darkly (Aimless) is a crude, but reflective portrait of couple relationships, parenthood, motherhood, and the passage of time. The filmmaker constructs a story where the memories and memory of the main characters prevail to rediscover the direction of their fractured relationship. Here’s everything you need to know about the film starring Diego Luna.

What is it about?

Wander darklytells the story of Adrienne (Sienna Miller), who after suffering a car accident, along with her boyfriend Matteo (Diego Luna), finds herself disoriented, in a kind of limbo, trapped in time and watching life go by from a distance with the constant doubt as to whether she is actually dead. Adrienne must relive and reimagine the events of her past together with Matteo, while they try to find the keys to recover their relationship and especially to ensure the future of their young daughter.

New parents Adrienne and Matteo are forced to deal with trauma in the midst of their troubled relationship. They must revisit the memories of their past and unravel disturbing truths to face their uncertain future, ”dictates a synopsis of IMDb.

The filmmakerTara Miele talked with EW to reveal that the plot of the film is based on a traumatic personal experience.Wander darkly It was conceived after the filmmaker suffered a car accident and it also served as a cathartic exercise on amplifying the value of life, the central theme of the film.


Diego Luna stellarize Wander darkly together with the actress Sienna miller. They are joined by a cast assembling under the names of Vanessa Bayer (Brooklyn nine-nine), Aimee Carrero (Holidate), Beth Grant (Donnie darko), Ayden Mayeri (Story of a marriage), Tory Kittles (True detective), Inde Navarrette (Superman & Lois) and James Landry Hébert (Once upon a time in hollywood), among others.

It is worth highlighting the participation of the cinematographer Carolina Costa, who has worked on tapes like Workforce, The dance of 41 Y The exorcism of Carmen Farías.

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Release date

Wander darkly It is already available for rent or purchase at Apple tv and from January 28, 2022 in the Star Plus catalog.

Official poster


Wander Darkly online
Wander Darkly online
Diego Luna
Wander Darkly Diego Luna Sienna Miller

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