Views of Dune on HBO Max outperform Justice League


Despite Denis Villeneuve’s views on the simultaneous premiere of Dune In movie theaters and HBO Max, it seems that audiences agree with Warner Bros on new ways to watch a movie. Variety reported that during its first opening weekend, the Canadian director’s film outnumbered Zack Snyder’s epic, Justice league, as well as other recent releases this year such as Evil one by James Wan or In the neighborhood by Jon M. Chu.

While The Justice League reached 1.8 million views, counted from its premiere on Thursday and until the following Sunday, Dune made a total of 1.9 million on HBO Max in the same period of days. At the same time, the film achieved at the United States box office a thickness in green papers of $ 40.1 million, which made it the best Warner debut in 2021.

The numbers provided by VarietyHowever, they do not come from the spokespersons of the same platform. Unlike Netflix, HBO Max, like Disney Plus, do not report their official numbers to the media. The information is an estimate from Samba TV who collects data from cable providers associated with the streaming of Warner and of the reproductions that occurred on Smart tv’s in the United States.

This means that the 1.9 million achieved by Dune, do not count other types of reproductions such as those made on mobile devices, video game consoles, Bluray players or independent devices such as Chromecast or Roku TV.

On the other hand, Samba TV estimates count a reproduction achieved from the five minutes that a viewer has achieved with the film. The numbers alone support the uptake of Dune on HBO Max, but they also reveal that it’s not a best-received movie of 2021 on the platform, as if it was The Suicide Squad. The James Gunn film made a total of 2.8 million, but in contrast its box office was gray with a gross of $ 26.1 million.

There will be Dune Part 2?

The promotion of Denis Villeneuve’s film has positioned it as a great cinematographic event that will mark the industry in 2021. Of course, the studio executives are anxious with the arrival of a second part and have confessed on previous occasions that the decision will not depend exclusively from the box office, but from the performance of the film in the streaming.

Recently Ann Sarnoff, CEO of WarnerMedia, the division that handles the studio’s works focused on home markets, counted that inside the study are very happy with the performance that Dune it has had in international markets, prior to its arrival in theaters in the United States, Latin America and China.

The play starring Timothée Chalamet grossed $ 130 million during its debut in select theaters in Europe. However, what you do for HBO Max will also matter, even more than your achievements at the box office. For Sarnoff, the way to evaluate the success of a film today should not be based exclusively on the dollars earned for a movie ticket, but also on the interest shown by the audience from home.

“The story itself is set for a sequel,” said Sanoff. “The production is incredible and the narrative is so compelling that it won’t just be judged at the box office. Everything will be based on the totality of what Dune can do for the company and that includes HBO Max […] We no longer make decisions like we used to. We have to analyze from the circumstances in which we are now and project ourselves to a normal scenario ».

Either way the world of Dune it is ready to be expanded on HBO MAX. A spin-off series on the Bene Gesserit brotherhood was ordered from 2019 with Diane Ademu-John as showrunner. Meanwhile, the performance of the film will have to be analyzed during the subsequent days, since its passage through theaters and on the platform can still improve or deteriorate.

Dune is directed by Denis Villeneuve and has already been applauded even by Christopher Nolan, regarding it as a perfect sample of the harmonious marriage that can exist between practical visuals and computer-generated effects. You can read the review of Cinema PREMIERE here.

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