VIDEO: Wong Kar Wai to auction unreleased footage from In the Mood for Love

How did the idea behind In the Mood for Love? The acclaimed filmmaker Wong kar wai He reflected on this question and thus saw the birth of a peculiar short film project. It consists of unreleased footage from that award-winning film title, one that is undoubtedly the most memorable of all of Hong Kong’s exquisite filmography.

This week, the production house Jet Tone Films shared a preview of the aforementioned short film on social networks. It bears by title In the Mood for Love – Day One And contains “Never-before-seen footage from the first day of filming” from that iconic 2000 film.

«This unique piece of art celebrates the wonderful moment when a creative idea is conceived«, The footer of the previous video can be read. «It will be the first Asian NFT film [token no fungible] Offered by Sotheby’s, an international auction house, for his next night sales of modern art in Hong Kong in October.

In the Mood for Love It is about a man and a woman who, being neighbors in the British Hong Kong of the 60s, establish a strong bond that seems to lead them to romance. According to Indiewire, in the upcoming short film “rare images” are perceived where the actors Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung interpret “completely different characters from the iconic lovers of the original film.”

Likewise, the medium rescues a statement by Wong Kar Wai by virtue of the upcoming auction release of his novel film project.

«All creation arises from a single thought. The [libro] Humane king sutra describes that each thought consists of ninety flashes, and within each flash there live nine hundred sparks and blackouts, ”said the director. «Where did the first thought of In the Mood for Love? Hard to say. The truth is that February 13, 1999 was the first day I put that thought into action«.

And I add:

«The first day of each film production is like the first date with the lover of your dreams. It is full of fear and delight, like skating on thin ice. An arrow never returns to your bow. Twenty years later, this arrow is still shooting.

Sotheby’s autumn auction in Hong Kong will also feature props, posters, photographs and box sets of feature films directed by Wong Kar Wai.

In the Mood for Love is available in Mexico through the platform streaming MUBI. Long ago, the film won two awards at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, including Best Actor for Tony Leung.

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