VIDEO: Steve, from Blue’s Tracks, reappears with an emotional message


A day like today, but in 1996 the first episode of Blue’s Clues that, 25 years later, would become one of the shows most iconic and unforgettable television of the 90s. With that quarter of a century on the horizon, Nickelodeon shared a video starring Steve Burns -yes, the original presenter of the program-, who took the opportunity to issue a tender message addressed to the public that grew up enjoying the adventures of that blue dog.

Steve Burns marked a whole generation of girls and boys; However, during 2002, the presenter abruptly said goodbye to the Show and Donovan Patton he was responsible for taking his place.

“Remember when we were younger we used to run around, hang out with Blue, find the clues, talk to Mr. Sal, go crazy with the mail, and do all those fun things? And then one day I was like, ‘Hey, guess what? Important news… I’m leaving, ‘”he said during the introduction to the video.

Then he talked about that time he left for good. Blue’s Clues, but without forgetting the indelible mark that the show left on him and the importance of the fans:

“Afterwards, we didn’t see each other for a long time. Can we talk about that? Good, because I realized that that was a bit abrupt. I just got up and went to college which, by the way, was quite challenging, but great because I had to mentalize and go step by step and now I’m doing a lot of things that I wanted to do. And now look at you, everything you have done and what you have achieved in all this time. It’s amazing right? I mean, we started with clues, now what is it about? School, work, family … And a lot of it has been complicated, you know? I know they know. I wanted to tell you that I couldn’t have done all of that without your help. In fact, all the help they gave me when we were younger still works for me to this day, and that’s super cool. I guess I just wanted to say that, after all these years, I never forgot them. Never. And I’m glad that we’re still friends. Thanks for listening to me. “

Why did Steve leave the show?

At some point it was speculated that Steve Burns walked away from the show to further his music career. Although he does dedicate himself to music, the presenter spoke exclusively with The Huffington Post to clear up rumors of his departure. “That is not really true.” “No no no no. People think I left the show to pursue a music career. That didn’t happen at all, ”he commented. “I certainly was not going to Blue’s Clues to pursue a great music career because that never happened. That was just a wonderful dream come true, [un] hobby that happened after Blue’s Clues ».

The reality is that Steve Burns left the production because he believed that it was the right moment to do it, because he felt that he was getting old and, in addition, he was beginning to suffer from baldness.

“I left the show because it was time to do it. I was getting old; I was losing my hair; many of those originally involved in the program had left to work on other projectsSteve Burns said.

Clues of Blue Steve 25 years

25 years of Blue’s Clues

Nickelodeon continues to prepare a large party to celebrate 25 years of the famous blue dog and therefore decided to bring together the three presenters: Steve Burns, Donovan Patton and Josh Dela Cruz, current presenter of Blue’s Clues & You! It should be added that Steve Burns I had already returned in Blue’s Clues & You!, after appearing in two special episodes.

Nickelodeon is currently preparing a film titled Blue’s Clues & You !: The Movie: Broadway Dreams.

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