Video shows the incredible characterization of Vecna ​​from Stranger Things

Beyond its impressive results for Netflix, the great reviews it has received from fans, the discussion about its duration or the importance of certain characters, one of the elements that has drawn the most attention to stranger things is vecna The monstrous beast played by Jamie Campbell Bower has been one of the most talked about aspects, and now we have a better look at the actor’s characterization process.

WARNING: This note contains spoilers of the fourth season of stranger things

In chapter seven of the fourth season we finally discover more details of this monstrous being. It is revealed that at the time it was Henry Creel, who in turn is Peter Ballard, the assistant in the laboratory that accompanies Eleven. We are also told that he is the one who has manipulated Eleven to gain his trust and get him to remove the chip that neutralizes his powers.

In an interview for IGNthe brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of the series, spoke about the appearance of Vecna ​​and the inspiration they took from figures of horror movies like Pinhead, Freddie Krueger and Pennywise himself:

“It had to be a different villain than all the previous ones. It was necessary for him to be more than a creature, more than an evil cloud of particles. He had to be a humanoid villain, with more depth, more dimension, and a lot more evil.

Vecna, throughout the season, is 90% practical effects. We did the casting for the actor and made sure he was super skinny. From there our team began to mold the body in all its layers and shapes. We divided it into several sections: chest, back and head. I think there were 18 pieces in all. And then we made molds of all the pieces separately to create the applications and the prosthetics”.

Here is the video where the makeup and characterization team transforms Jamie Campbell Bower into Vecna:

Bower also spoke (via) about what it meant to become Vecna ​​for stranger things:

“It took us about seven hours (the transformation). We started with eight and managed to cut an hour off the process. But it was a long one. I never thought about going home in the outfit, not that I was dying to take it off, but sleeping in it… I could barely sit up. Going to bed would be a nightmare.”

And on the path that awaits his three characters in Volume 2 of the fourth season, he commented:

“They should expect to know more about Henry, about the entire universe of stranger things and why things are the way they are. There is beautiful character development for all of us.”

What do you think about the whole process? Do you think that participating in a production like this is worth all the effort? you can enjoy stranger things (and Vecna) on Netflix. The new episodes of the fourth season will hit the platform on July 1.

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