VIDEO: Listen to the corrido inspired by La casa de papel


The Spanish phenomenon starring The Professor, Tokyo and Berlin has risen to a new level in the musical arena to increase its popularity. The Two Carnales, one of the most prominent Mexican regional groups of the moment, launched the theme “Same blood”, a run inspired by The Money Heist.

The musical single is part of Oi just, a project of the giant of streaming where original songs inspired by the stories and characters of its most successful series and movies on the platform will be created.

“Hey, I was very inspired and I started doing some shit with friends. Abused that is coming Oi just, songs where we combine your favorite stories with music. Expect the first shifts very soon ».

«For those who love each other as brothers. Oi Nomás presents “Same blood”, the corrido inspired by The Professor and Berlin by Los Dos Carnales ».

The song pays tribute to the most famous band of bank robbers in Spain and places special emphasis on the brothers Sergio Marquina, The Professor, and Andrés de Fonollosa, Berlin. According to information from the EFE Agency, the musical corrido alludes to the brotherhood of both characters and the contrast of their personalities.

«Well planned first hit, The Professor always in charge, Berlin always liked action“, Sing the brothers Poncho and Imanol Quezada, who recently won a Latin Grammy in the category Best Norteño Music Album thanks to their record material Rancherón style.

“We are very happy and grateful to the Netflix family for having invited us to start the Oi Nomás project with them hand in hand. It was a very significant challenge for us and our career to immortalize characters from his series The Money Heist under the sound of the corrido “, said the Quezada brothers to the EFE Agency.

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La casa de papel run Los Dos Carnales

Listens “Same blood”

The fifth and final season of The Money Heist is now available on Netflix. In 2023, the red ‘N’ platform will continue the robberies with a spin-off whose central character will be Berlin (via Deadline).

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