VIDEO: Joker shows his face in deleted scene from The Batman


A few hours ago, Warner Bros. Pictures released the deleted scene of batman with the joker by Barry Keoghan. Or rather, the deranged character he plays, locked up in Arkham, who will eventually become the clown prince of crime. Let’s remember that the Matt Reeves movie introduces the heroes and villains of Gotham City at an early stage; for example, Gordon before he became commissioner, and the Penguin, before he rose to the top of the criminal world.

The laughing homicide is no exception, but he certainly already boasts such creepy and characteristic attributes of the iconic “Joker.” See the full scene in the video attached to the note. Opinions?

In the final cut of batman, the future Joker only has one scene next to Edward Nashton / Riddler (Paul Dano), where the two exchange words and apparently forge an alliance, which predicts new headaches for the Bat Man. However, since the film’s release in early March, director Matt Reeves has been talking about an omitted sequence where the characters of Barry Keoghan and Robert Pattinson discuss the Riddler case.

“It’s a scene where Batman is very nervous because the Riddler is writing to him. He says, ‘Well, why is he texting me this guy?’ And he realizes that he has to profile this murderer », explained the filmmaker (via). “Then he goes to see another killer that he’s clearly had experience with in those first two years. [como justiciero de Ciudad Gótica]».

The murderer in question has no name in the film. In fact, in the credits he is listed as “Invisible Prisoner of Arkham”. However, Reeves himself has already confirmed that he is the one who will assume the alter ego of Joker. And about the deleted scene, he previously described the situation as a moment taken from the Thomas Harris novels, where an FBI agent turns to Hannibal Lecter for help in understanding the mindset of a serial killer. Here, Batman would become Clarice (from The silence of the inocents) while Joker puts himself in the shoes of the cunning cannibal who plays with his mind.

The scene begins directly in Arkham, in an interrogation room, where the Dark Knight shares the case file with the prisoner. “There is a serial killer, I want your perspective,” says Batman. Then Joker – whose face remains unfocused – jokes that said folder was basically a gift for the first anniversary since they met. “He’s a nobody who wants to be somebody,” he says of Riddler as he reviews the document.

“Why is he writing to me?” Pattinson’s character asks later. “Maybe he’s your fan,” replies the villain played by Keoghan and lets out a laugh. Or maybe he has a grudge against you too. Maybe you will be the main course». From there, Joker tries to focus the conversation on Bat-Man. “You’re so much funnier,” he says. «You know exactly how he thinks he. Have you already read this file? You two have a lot in common. Are you afraid it will make you look soft?

Annoyed, Batman retrieves the folder and stands up, ready to leave. But Joker gets his attention again, stating that what really scares the super-sleuth is convincing himself that the Riddler’s victims deserved death. As he says this, the madman shows his scarred face, almost deformed, and a terrifying smile. Thus ends the scene.

Would you have liked this moment of interrogation to remain in the final cut of the film? Remember that batman continues to be exhibited in Mexican theaters.

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