VIDEO: Family Guy’s Stewie Explains Advantages of the COVID Vaccine


The irreverent program of Seth macfarlane joined a timely awareness campaign in the United States. A novel short of Family guy addresses the issue of vaccines against COVID-19 and its importance in the current context, through an enlightening and mocking explanation of little Stewie.

The three-minute video was published a few hours ago through the social networks of the 20th Television comedy show. Accumulate more than eight thousand likes and more than three thousand retweets.

«Stewie and Brian travel inside Peter’s body to explain how vaccines work.«, It reads at the head of the video. You are also invited to visit the site for more accurate information.

Last Monday, MacFarlane anticipated the release of this short film during his appearance on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live. There he suggested that the project was a response to the controversial positions of the Fox News channel regarding the health crisis. Mention was even made of conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, who has consistently questioned the usefulness of vaccines and other measures against the spread of the coronavirus (via).

The video begins with a visit to the hospital. Peter Griffin is about to receive his first dose of the vaccine, about which he has many doubts. After the doctor’s explanation turns out to be particularly mediocre, Stewie and Brian decide to illustrate how the vaccine works. And they do it through a magical journey inside Peter’s body. “Vaccines protect us from disease by activating our immune response without the danger of a real infection”explains the Griffin’s youngest son. White blood cells are fierce guardians while the malevolent virus (or the “knockoffs” that some vaccines use to create antibodies) are depicted as Meg Griffin’s face.

Of course, the short film uses the occasional visual joke. There’s the case of Peter’s liver asking for help. However, it mostly uses various teaching resources, for example, on how vaccines generate immune memory. And already in the final stretch, Stewie says that if the virus continues to spread among unvaccinated people, it is possible that variants will continue to emerge for which there will be no protection.

“We’ll be back where we started: Gal Gadot singing ‘Imagine’ We cannot allow that to happen!says the scathing character.

This is not the first “public service announcement” to use pop culture characters to talk about the importance of vaccination against COVID-19. Before Stewie and Family guy, Marvel Entertainment published a special comic weeks ago Avengers. The goal was to inform and promote vaccination within New York’s underserved communities. Come on here to read the full note.

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