Upcoming adaptations of contemporary books written by women


Stories about women who set fire to bonfires, or about real life divas that marked the collective imagination. Stories about apocalyptic futures or trips to the past. The universes created by the literature of these authors will soon see the light in television or film format. We present to you some of the adaptations of contemporary books written by women that will soon come into our lives.

They speak by Miriam Toews

Toews’ story picks up a real-life event that happened between 2005 and 2009 in a Manitoba colony, located in Bolivia. A small community of men-dominated Mennonites witnesses a heinous crime: several of their women are drugged and raped overnight by members of the same community. Faced with these facts, they meet to talk about what happened and analyze their options. Stay or leave your homes? To forgive or not?

They speak is perhaps one of the most applauded novels of the past decade and this certainly caught the attention of Frances McDormand, who immediately bought the rights and recruited Sarah Polley (Away from her) to occupy the executive chair. Of course, the recent Oscar winner for Best Actress will star in the film, but there is still no exact date for its release. Of course, it is already one of the most anticipated film projects.

Blondeby Joyce Carol Oates

Oates has insisted for twenty years that his novel Blonde It should be taken as a work of fiction and not as a dramatized biography, as noted on all the shelves. And the book is a chronicle of the most important moments in the life of the super star Marilyn Monroe, a juicy and interesting material that has become a production with a view to reaching the Netflix platform in 2022.

The novel was published in 2000 and it took more than 20 years for it to become a film. Andrew Dominik (The murder of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford) was commissioned to write the screen adaptation and will also direct. Ana de Armas will become the Hollywood diva and next to her will be Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale and Julianne Nicholson. By the way, singer-songwriter Nick Cave will be in charge of the music.

The Testamentsby Margaret Atwood

Fifteen years after Atwood published The Handmaid’s Tale, which has been adapted into a hit series starring Elisabeth Moss, the writer published a sequel called The Testaments which has also been chosen for the creation of a Show. The story of this sequel is located fifteen years after the events of its predecessor and the narrative is carried out by three women living different perspectives; one of them also a character from the original novel.

Although the project has been confirmed to hit television, it is also a fact that this will not happen until The Handmaid’s Tale come to an end. The series was multi-nominated for the Emmy Awards for its fourth season and it is rumored that the next could be the final. Plans to bring The Testaments the small screen is held by MGM and the Hulu platform.

Hurricane season, by Fernanda Melchor

In 2017, Fernanda Melchor published one of the most impressive Mexican books in contemporary Mexican literature. The one chosen to take it to the big screen is the director Elisa Miller, Mexican filmmaker winner at Cannes and at the Morelia Film Festival. The novel is a chronicle of a crime that occurred in the fictional town of La Matosa. The corpse of a witch appears in an irrigation canal: it is a woman as respected as feared in her community, so her death is narrated from different fronts.

The narrative of the book starts from different perspectives; a witness who saw a group of boys leave the witch’s house carrying a body, and then the testimonies of all those involved. Melchor’s novel above all focuses on making an analysis of the prevailing violence and machismo in Mexican towns. Of course, it is a story that brings a lot of interesting material to the table to be translated into audiovisual language.

The movie doesn’t have a release date yet, but filming began in 2020, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Parable of the Sower and Kindredby Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler’s novel about a kind of apocalyptic future in Los Angeles, where the great threat is the decadence of a society given over to excess, is one of the most interesting projects that A24 has on its doorstep. The studio is recognized for its new horror offerings within the arthouse field and for other independent dramas that have quickly gained the affection of moviegoers.

The novel follows a teenager who has a condition that makes her hypersensitive to the feelings and emotions of others, so she becomes a leader in the resistance against the extinction of the human being and its principles. The film will be directed by Garrett Bradley, who is recognized for his documentary works such as Time, –Is on Amazon Prime–, as well as the most recent, Naomi osaka, which is available on Netflix.

Parable of the Sower It still does not have a release date, nor a confirmed official cast.

For its part, the FX network has also ordered a pilot based on Butler’s novel Kindred, published in 1979. The story follows a young black woman, aspiring writer, who travels back in time to the 19th century, specifically to a slave plantation that is connected to her family past. Branden Jacob-Jenkins, writer of Watchmen, as well as Darren Aronofsky and his production company Protozoa Pictures.

White birdby RJ Palacio

In the publishing world, this novel was highly anticipated material for being a kind of sequel to Extraordinary by the same author. In that novel, the boy Julian leaves school after disturbing his classmates and being attacked by one of them. He is visited by his grandmother who comes from Paris and tells him the story of his childhood. White birdSo, it is a drama about a Jewish girl who lived through the occupation of Nazi Germany in France.

For this project, director Marc Forster (Finding Neverland) will be in charge of adapting the material to the big screen with the help of the script by Mark Bomback and a cast led by Helen Mirren and Gillian Anderson. Production on the film began in early 2021 in the middle of a pandemic year and with its sights set on a fall 2022 release.

The Sky is Everywhereby Jandy Nelson

The romantic drama that reflects on death and the decision between two loves, after the most vulnerable moment of the human being, will soon be a film. The Sky is Everywhere positioned Jandy Nelson within the literary world and launched her career as an author in 2010. Five years later, Warner Bros bought the rights and began paving the way for its film adaptation. It wasn’t until 2019 that the project finally ended up in the hands of Apple TV and A24.

The story in this drama is about a teenager who must deal with the death of his sister. In the process, she falls in love with whoever her sister’s fiancé was at that moment of closeness that exists between them to heal the loss. At the same time she meets another boy who could also be a potential candidate to steal her heart. Sooner or later she must decide between the two, as she struggles to pay tribute to her sister. The film will be directed by Josephine Decker (Shirley), with a script written by Nelson herself and with Grace Kaufman, Jason Siegel and Cherry Jones in the cast. The filming of the film concluded last year, so it will not be long before its premiere.

Things we lost in the fireby Mariana Enríquez

The things we lost in the fire It is a devastating story that gives its name to the entire anthology that includes it, made up of 12 stories by the Argentine writer, one of the most important pens of Latin American genre literature. Her work explores the contemporary social horror genre, without the need to use supernatural elements: for Mariana Enríquez, the framework of social problems is enough to disturb the reader. That was the effect it had on the English filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond, who will turn the story in question into a film.

In the story The things we lost in the fire, sexist violence provokes a reaction that has symptoms of an epidemic: women begin to set themselves on fire in clandestine bonfires, without the State being able to stop them. This project is relatively new, so all that is known about it so far is that it will be directed by Bond and produced by Rodrigo Teixeira, who had participation in films loved by critics and audiences such as Call Me By Your Name.

Circeby Madeline Miller

The epic narrative of the great Greek periods, where gods and great humans intertwine stories, will hit the screens of HBO Max. Miller’s novel is a different approach to the great Greek epics, concentrating on the female figure in a stream of myths and legends that are generally dominated by male figures. Circe tells a story of love, loss, tragedy and immortal conflict, through a goddess who transforms into a nymph and later into a witch who is able to defy gods, titans and monsters alike.

Warner bought the rights to its adaptation, in what is said was a very competitive purchase, and ordered the creation of eight episodes for an audiovisual that will reach HBO Max. Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa will be in charge of adapting Miller’s novel into television episodes, but not only that, but they will also serve as producers on the project. The pair successfully led the recent trilogy of Planet of the simiors and the revival of Jurassic park with the saga World.

Conversations with Friendsby Sally Rooney

If you were a fan of the series Normal People from the BBC, you will probably be happy to know that the debut of the author of that story is already preparing to reach the small screen as well. This is Conversations with Friends, the first novel that Rooney published around 2017. It tells the story of Frances and Bobbi, a couple of best friends who share a flat and study at university in the city of Dublin. The game changes when Melissa and Nick enter the scene, a young couple who will put the relationship between the two in jeopardy, while they in turn question the stability of said marriage.

Production is progressing, with the intention of being released in the format of a series for the Hulu platform in co-production with the BBC. The leading quartet has already been chosen: Alison Oliver, Sasha Lane, Jemima Kirke and Joe Alwyn. On the other hand the Irish director Lenny Abrahamson (The room) will be the one who takes the helm of the audiovisual with a script by Alice Birch, although it is not yet known if perhaps Rooney herself will collaborate closely in the adaptation, as she did with Normal People. Its release date is set for 2022.

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