Unhappy forever – Premiere and trailer of the Mexican film


One of the most recognized Mexican duos on television, without a doubt, has been that of Consuelo Duval Y Adrian Uribe, who are remembered by the public thanks to their comedic work on shows like Rush hour. Two decades later, labor complicity remains intact and, now, they come together to star in unhappy forever, a Mexican comedy that humorously questions the monotony of romantic love. Next, find out its release date, see the trailer and knows all the details.

What is it about?

The film is directed by Noah Santillan-Lopez (Twentysomething, divorced and fantastic) and tells us, based on the comedy genre, the marital problems of a couple who have been married for 20 years, whose relatives are worried about what seems to be an imminent divorce and therefore decide to give them a trip. But to make things interesting, the plot uses the narrative device of reliving the same day over and over again in the style of groundhog day (The Groundhog Day), with Bill Murray.

«María José and Alfredo are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage and they can no longer stand each other. Pooling their savings, their children give them a trip to Puerto Peñasco to the same hotel where they celebrated their honeymoon. However, a spell will make them repeat the day of their anniversary over and over again until they remember the reasons why they got married. (via).

The film is written by Miguel García Moreno (Z-Control) and Adriana Pelusi (Z-Control). What’s more, unhappy forever boasts two national locations: San Carlos and Puerto Peñasco in the state of Sonora.

“I love comedy, we must understand that this genre does not have to be seen from a negative perspective, on the contrary, the ideal is to use cinema to transmit messages that are worthwhile and that are capable of narrating topics that many do not deal with easily” , said Noé Santillán-López (via PECIME).


Even if unhappy forever features star appearances by Consuelo Duval and Adrián Uribe, the film also includes in its cast Caroline Miranda, the first actress Angelica Aragon, Livia Brito, Luis Arrieta (90 days until July 2), Ari Telch, Carlos Gatica, Ruy Trails, Paly Duval, Jessica Taylor, Niko Antonyan, Isabella Vázquez, Lindsey Rojas and Elizabeth Cervantes.

Release date

unhappy forever It has a premiere scheduled in national cinemas for the next March 17, 2022.

official poster

Unhappily ever after Mexican film premiere


Photo: Daniel Anguiano
Photo: Daniel Anguiano
Photo: Daniel Anguiano
Photo: Daniel Anguiano


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