Twitter asks to cancel Realmente Amor, the quintessential Christmas movie


December just starts or is heard “All I Want for Christmas” with Mariah Carey in the background, and moviegoers around the world turn their gaze to one particular classic. Although for two decades Really love It has become the quintessential Christmas classic, now it is more mature audiences who ask to cancel the film due to a “wild fat phobia”, sexist themes and other issues that today impair the good look of the film.

Really love came to theaters in 2003 under the direction of the British Richard Curtis. One of the directors best known for his feel good movies and romantic comedies that are generally ideal to see on December dates. The film tells various stories: a writer flees from a love disappointment to Italy, only to fall in love again; a married couple goes through a marital pothole formed by infidelity; the British Prime Minister falls in love with his assistant on his first day; a child is in love with his classmate and does not know how to tell her before Christmas; and others more.

During years Really love It remained a December imperative, but this time it became a trend because Twitter users asked to cancel the tape. In the eyes of an evaporating 2021, the film presents several situations that are disturbing for audiences. From lurid topics such as infidelity, to certain samples of sexist and fat phobia.

This was expressed by some Internet users.

Love really is the most overrated Christmas movie and it’s full of nonsense. Ready, I said it.

«I saw Really Love for the first time last night and it is not only fat phobic, but also sexist. There were at most maybe two or three times that I laughed during the movie, but most of the time I was like ‘Wtf, how is this considered romantic?’ «

“Love really is the worst Christmas movie and I stand by it. What’s so festive about a bunch of people fooling each other? “

I can’t get festive this year. The movies I usually watch like Rest and Really Love feel stale and sexist. I see them and I feel sick all the time.

I said it before and I will say it again. Love really is an incredibly uncomfortable and disturbing movie and I don’t understand how so many talented actors agreed to be in it. ”

“Let’s finally come together and admit that Really Love is a terrible, disturbing movie.”

“I really love love, but the fat phobia in that movie is really wild.”

The Twitter entry asks to cancel Realmente Amor, the quintessential Christmas movie was first published in Cine PREMIERE.


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