Tom Holland would make an indie Peter Parker movie, without Spider-Man


A month ago, Tom Holland pointed out that Spider-Man: No Way Home it could become his last movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this does not mean that he is lacking in some ideas that may convince him to stick with the character for another period of time. For example, the British actor welcomes making a low-budget film about Peter Parker, without taking into account his alter ego as Spider-Man or any other element corresponding to the superhero genre. But how feasible is a project of that nature?

Holland recently chatted with Fandom, and among the questions posed to the young actor, he highlighted which comic book villains he would like to face before finally saying goodbye to Spider-Man.

I think there are some interesting villains. I think Madame Web could be someone really interesting and we could do it our own way. I’d really like to face Wilson Fisk. Or I would also like to see what happens if my Spider-Man becomes a villain. I think there are some cool things that you could use to make a movie about an antihero“, answered.

On the other hand, Tom Holland admitted that his preferences include a movie to be seen only about the human side of Peter Parker, without even mentioning Spider-Man. But, of course, he knows that the impossible task will be to convince the executives.

“I would like to make a movie about Peter Parker that has nothing to do with Spider-Man. Like making a four million pound indie movie about Peter Parker. I do not know. They [en Sony Pictures y Marvel Studios] they would never do that. But it would be fun.

Holland also acknowledged that he has a specific idea to follow up on the Spider-Man arc in the MCU. He claimed that he even presented it to the studio. However, he refrained from going into details because “by telling you that idea, I would ruin this movie [Spider-Man: Sin camino a casa] so I’ll have to keep it to myself.

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Some time ago, the twentysomething interpreter said that if he continued playing Spider-Man after thirty years, “I have done something wrong”, so “maybe it is now that I move on.” Such comments suggested that Holland was seriously considering saying goodbye to Spider-Man after No way home. But in contrast, producer Amy Pascal declared days later that Marvel and Sony were already preparing three other films of the arachnid, with Holland on board. So what will really happen? Is there a future for the famous actor within the MCU or not?

“There is a future for Spider-Man,” Holland told Fandom. «If I am part of him, I do not know. It has been an amazing journey so far and if it is time to hang up the cape and let the next person take over, I will do it with pride, knowing that I have achieved everything I wanted in this world. [del MCU]».

Spider-Man: No Way Home It will hit Mexican theaters this Wednesday, December 15. Excited?

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