Tom Holland to play Fred Astaire in a biopic


Regarding the promotion of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland is immersed in a sea of ​​interviews and given his history of revealing things, it is no coincidence that he now confirms his participation in a biopic about Fred Astaire. In fact, saying “participation” is not enough, when in reality the actor will give life on the big screen to one of the most influential dancers of the 20th century.

In case you don’t know Fred asstaire has a career of more than seventy years. His participation is divided between film, television, Broadway stages and of course those of the West End. The British dancer was born on May 10, 1889 and until his death in 1987, he gifted audiences with what were perhaps the most influential dance numbers of the musical genre in film.

Astaire is remembered above all for the duo he made with actress Ginger Rogers with whom he shot up to ten films. One of the most remembered dance couples in cinema, thanks to films like Top-hat or Crazy Rhythm.

While Tom Holland was answering some questions (via) about the new movie Spider-manThis time the conversation did not turn to Tobey Maguire, but to the role of Fred Astaire. The actor said that just a few days ago he received the script for the film, which he has not even read, but very confidently confirmed that his work in the biopic is a fact.

“The script came about a week ago,” he said after confirming that he will play Astaire. I haven’t read it yet. They have not given it to me.

Holland recounted that he had a talk with Amy Pascal, Sony Studios’ top executive, where it was agreed that the role of Astaire would be his.

We talked on FaceTime before. I was in the bathroom. We had a nice conversation on FaceTime, but yes I will be playing Fred Astaire. “

In addition to Spider-Man: No Way Home, Holland is targeting the premiere of Uncharted. Based on the famous video game, this action adventure film will tentatively hit the screens next February.

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