Tom Holland teases the appearance of a secret character in Spider-Man


It is common with Marvel Studios movies to read countless theories about cameos or surprise appearances of this or that character. However, when it comes to Spider-Man: no homecoming, the truth is that the alerts are quadrupled since many imagine that the multiverse could even give way to the appearance of Keanu Reeves. Anything can happen in the arachnid’s next movie and although Tom Holland has long been silent, that momentum that he always has to reveal even a little bit of what is to come, has just taken shape in the confession of an incredible scene with a secret and unexpected character that we will see in the next Spider-man.

At the moment we only have for sure the appearance – apparently important – of Benedict Cumberbatch and his Doctor Strange. Also as a natural addition, the combo already includes Benedict Wong, although apparently his work on the screen will be much shorter, in the style of what we saw in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. But if we refer to visits of greater expectation, the multiverse (of madness) will be the cause that we see return to some villains from the previous arachnid sagas.

We can be sure that Jamie Foxx and his Electro will be back on the big screen. Of course, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus will also be present and we have already seen a brief glimpse of that character. However, the same advance of the film anticipates that we will see a Green Goblin and probably the Sandman, but about which version or which actor it is, we are still quite blind. And although Tom Holland says he is also in the dark on many things, he could not help but recently reveal something that seems to be of importance.

While Holland was talking to Empire about how little or how much he knows about Spider-Man: no homecoming, also referred to one of the “coolest” scenes he shot about the film, which involves a secret character who is supposed to be very unexpected for the entire audience. The only details that he provided besides that one, is that Marisa Tomei and Jon Favreau are also present in this sequence.

“We are four people sitting at the table, having a conversation about what it means to be a superhero,” described Holland. And it’s totally incredible. The other day my brother and I saw the scene and our jaws literally fell off. “

It seems unlikely that the fourth person at the table is Doctor Strange, since the appearance of the Supreme Sorcerer is not a secret and therefore Holland would not have referred to the moment with such secrecy involved. Of course the most obvious answer would be that it was some other of the Avengers, but hope is the last thing that dies, so we would like to think that it is the highly anticipated Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield. Or could it be someone else?

In precisely the same talk, Holland was asked about the possibility of seeing the two previous arachnids, to see if the actor, who has a bad reputation for revealing secrets, could break under the pressure of questions. However, he insisted that this type of information is that “type of information” that the study no longer shares with him.

“I’m always in the dark,” he assured. “Yes [Andrew Garfield y Tobey Maguire] They are in the movie, that’s something that nobody has told me.

All answers will be revealed when Spider-Man: no homecoming lands on the screens on December 17th.

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