Tom Holland doesn’t want sex scenes in Spider-Man


Peter Parker is one of the youngest superheroes in the MCU: a nervous pre-college kid with a best friend to build LEGOS with and a girlfriend to sneak out of class with. And of course, this teenage couple may or may not carry out certain activities that concern intimacy. But would it be something to see on screen? A journalist recently asked Tom Holland if sex scenes are a possibility in the series of Spider-man, since… well, just this year it became known that intercourse exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Tom Holland talked about the sex scene in Eternals —The MCU movie that immediately precedes Spider-Man: No Way Home– as in “very good taste.” However, he is of the opinion that Peter Parker and Michelle Jones, aka MJ, should not follow the example of the Eternals. At least not yet.

“I do not think that [una escena de sexo] is appropriate for the Spider-Man franchise, “clarified the actor. We are still very young. Should there be a future [sexual] for this character? Maybe one day we will explore that. But for now [Sin camino a casa] is a film about celebrating friendships and youthful love. And them [Peter y MJ] they’re not ready for that kind of [relación]».

Zendaya, also present at that interview, commented that “Peter Parker is like a little brother, you don’t want to see that,” and Holland fully agreed. Yes, nobody wants to see Peter Parker having sex! That would be horrible, “he stressed.

Back to Eternals, this 2021 film had the peculiarity of including the very first sex scene in the Marvel Universe. Previously, the director Chloé zhao acknowledged that “there was a lot of discussion” about how to resolve that sequence between Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan). On the other hand, he asserted that it was a completely “natural” maneuver for the House of Ideas.

«I think that the desire to do something different is a very natural desire [si consideramos] where Marvel Studios is located right now. I think it’s like Westerns entering the revisionist period of the seventies. I think it’s happening to superhero movies, or at least we’re on the brink of it. And then these scenes started to happen naturally, “Zhao mentioned in an interview with Indiewire (via).

And I add:

«That we can show two people who love each other – not only emotionally and intellectually but also physically – and have a sex scene that will be seen by many people and that shows their love, compassion and gentleness, I think it is a really beautiful thing ».

Spider-Man: No Way Home It is available in movie theaters of the Mexican Republic. Have you already seen it? Come on here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE.

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