Tom Cruise and insane stunts for Mission Impossible 7

As the series goes on, there is more excitement about stunts with each new Mission: Impossible movie since Tom Cruise is known for improving his work with each movie. The series has become something of a sandbox for the actor to push the boundaries of what can be done on the big screen via practical effects, and we’ve seen him accomplish some pretty incredible things over the years. Audiences should brace for something unprecedented in Mission: Impossible 7, as what Cruise, director Christopher McQuarrie, and the team have planned is so ridiculous and extreme that it’s just incredible.

This morning, at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Paramount Pictures began their studio presentation with a behind-the-scenes peeks at the next Mission: Impossible film that teased a very daring stunt sequence. In the movie, Tom Cruise has a scene where he leaps over a cliff while riding a motorbike and then lands by parachute. It will help if you begin preparing yourself for that moment now. Not only did he need to do a huge amount of preparation for the scene, but he also performed it six times in a row, on set.

A documentary was included on the disc that told how they did the trick, and it was hard to believe how all the pieces fit together. Tom Cruise rehearsed parts of the leap many times, including performing 13,000 motocross jumps off of a ramp and 500 skydives, to guarantee everything would go flawlessly when filming began (breaking it down, it was noted that he was doing 30 tumbles out of a helicopter per day during pre-production). The team utilized the drones to monitor Cruise and use cameras equipped with the correct lenses for their computerized tracking, allowing them to do the needed calculations and create a filming plan that includes the crazy feat and how to best capture it.

It’s clear from the featurette that disasters of all sorts might have been possible. Tom Cruise had to depend on his sense of speed to achieve the exact jump trajectory since the bike did not have a speedometer. An error on the ramp would have led to a significant injury. When the Mission: Impossible star started his parachute descent, it was in his best interest to have a constant flow of wind to prevent hitting the rocky side of the cliff and even getting hurt during the fall, which is why having the wind change direction during his parachute descent would be a risk. Even though the movie wouldn’t be able to advance without the stunt, everything worked out, and the studio scheduled filming the stunt first (since they would’ve been unable to go ahead with the production without it).

With filming completed and post-production beginning, Paramount Pictures is planning Mission: Impossible 7 as one of the year’s greatest blockbusters and releasing it on May 27, 2022. Following it is Mission: Impossible 8, which will release in July of 2023. If it’s hard to fathom how much crazier the movie might get than Tom Cruise’s latest antics, then you’re not alone. It’d be fantastic if we get to get a first preview of the film before too long, and we’re hoping to have a peek at the completed motorbike base jump in the movie.


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