Timothée Chalamet modified Xbox controls on a YouTube channel


In addition to having a background as a rapper, Timothée Chalamet also spent some time tuning Xbox controllers and uploading the results to his YouTube channel. More than being a hobby or a hobby, it was actually a small undertaking by the actor in which he even had up to three clients, who hired his services to customize their controls.

Information arose first from a grueling investigation conducted primarily by Aric Toller, a journalist for the website Bellingcat, mostly focused on war crimes investigations. For some reason Toller teamed up with two other reporters from the site Vice, to analyze the information and come to the conclusion that indeed, the YouTube channel known as ModderController 360, belonged to none other than Chalamet.

The channel in question only has three videos in which only the actor’s hands are seen while presenting the modified controls. His voice is still that of a child because the videos date from 2010 and at no time is there anything evident that reveals that it is the actor. However, Toller and company meticulously investigated the room and compared it with other photographs that Chalamet has uploaded to Instagram, and also studied the shape of his hands to conclude that it was indeed him.

Later in a interview that the professional player of Fortnite, Nate hill, made the leading couple of Dune, The actor was asked about the happy channel and thus he had no other choice but to admit that in his past he tried to start a small business in modifying controllers for Xbox.

“In fact he did have a YouTube channel and people have found it. It’s ModderController 360 ».

Chalamet said that during those times he managed to earn only $ 30 for his services as a command modifier. In total, he charged between $ 10 and $ 15 per service, which did not seem too excessive to Zendaya, who was by his side during the interview.

The interviewer immediately told Chalamet that his life with video games would be forever linked from now on, when he showed him the special skin of his Paul Atreides character fully functioning in a Fortnite game. Zendaya also got hers and was able to watch her in action for a moment.

timothee chalamet xbox

On YouTube channel of Timothée Chalamet is still active and for now it already has just over 23 thousand subscribers. His 3 videos in total collect just over half a million views, so the actor is ready to start monetizing his talents in tuning controllers for consoles.

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya star together in director Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. The film is currently available in Mexican theaters. You can read the review he made Cinema PREMIERE of the tape here.

The entry Timothée Chalamet modifying Xbox controls on a YouTube channel was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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