Tiger & Bunny is getting a live-action Hollywood series

Bandai Namco Pictures ad today the restart of the project live action Hollywood based on the critically acclaimed original anime Tiger & Bunny. Instead of a movie as originally planned, the adaptation will now come as a series produced in association with SK Global.

In a press release, the Japanese company announced that M. Raven Metzner will act as showrunnerwriter and executive producer of the series live action of Tiger&Bunny. Metzner was one of the co-writers of Elektra (2005), likewise, he has served as showrunner and writer in series like Six Degrees, clue and in the second season of Iron Fist.

Producers will be John Penotti and Charlie Corwin, co-CEOs of SK Global; Marcy Ross, president of SK Global Television, and Xian Li, executive of the production division of SK Global. Executive producers include Masayuki Ozaki, co-creator of Tiger & Bunnyas well as Testuya Fujimura, who worked on the live action hollywoods of Ghost in the Shell Y Cowboy Bebop.

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Tiger & Bunny is an original anime conceived by producer Masayuki Ozaki, director Keiichi Satō, and Sunrise studio (now Bandai Namco Filmworks). The story follows veteran hero Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, better known aswildtigerand his new partner Barnaby Brooks Jr., an arrogant rookie whom he nicknames Bunnyin a world where the activities of superheroes are commercialized.

The anime franchise had a first season of 25 episodes broadcast in 2011, and the films Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning(2012) and Tiger & Bunny: The Rising (2014). The first part of its second season premiered on April 8 exclusively on Netflix.

This is the third time that an attempt has been made to raise an adaptation live action of Tiger & Bunny in Hollywood. In 2015, Sunrise ad that it would produce a feature film in association with Imagine Entertainment −a company founded by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer−, however, the project collapsed after the corporate restructuring of All Nippon Entertainment Works. In May 2018, an attempt was made to pick up the film with Global Road Entertainment, but that company filed for bankruptcy just a few months later.

“The project live action of Tiger & Bunny it has taken many turns, and we needed the understanding and support of many people to restart the project. In this difficult situation, we have been able to reach a new starting point by having good connections, especially with a great partner like SK Global, which values ​​IP and its partners in Asia. Along with M. Raven Metzner, a showrunner talented who loves Tiger & Bunnywe can’t wait to bring something new and exciting that viewers around the world will enjoy, while still capturing the essence of the original anime.”

Masayuki Ozaki, co-creator of Tiger & Bunny.

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All anime productions of Tiger & Bunny are available in Netflix.

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