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There is no doubt that Wattpad has been the hotbed of literary phenomena that later become more relevant in audiovisual media, as in the case of despues deby Anna Todd. Now, another of the platform’s most successful youth books finds its place in the Netflix catalog. Is about through my window, the adaptation of the novel by Venezuelan author Ariana Godoy. A story of love, passion and obsession that promises to catch us.


What is it about?

“It all started with the Wi-Fi password… Raquel has been in love with her neighbor, Ares, for a long time, and she secretly watches him without daring to speak to him. Will she get him to fall in love with her? », Says the Netflix synopsis. “Raquel’s attraction to her neighbor turns into something more when he begins to fall in love with her, despite her family’s objections.”

The novel on which the film is inspired has been a resounding international success among young readers on Wattpad. The story is a real game of seduction between Raquel and Ares. Raquel has been crazy about Ares all her life, her attractive and mysterious neighbor. She watches him without being seen from her window and it is because, much to her regret, they have not exchanged a single word. However, things are about to change… Ares will begin to cross his path even in the most unexpected places and will discover that, in reality, Raquel is not the innocent girl he thought she was. Raquel is very clear about her goal: to get Ares to fall in love with her… (via).

Directed by filmmaker Marcal Fores, through my window It is not a faithful reproduction of the novel. The most obvious change is the locations. The film is set in Barcelona and not in the United States, the country where the writer Ariana Godoy lives, who did participate very closely in the project.

“The important thing when one faces an adaptation is to portray the essence of what is written,” Forès told the EFE Agency. «In this case, giving maximum importance to the chemistry between Raquel and Ares and keeping those iconic phrases and scenes.


Clara Galle is Raquel Mendoza, Julio Pena is Ares Hidalgo, Hugo Arbuses is Apollo Hidalgo and Eric Massip is Artemis Hidalgo. The rest of the cast is made up of Guillermo Lasheras, Natalia Azahara, Emilia Lazo, Abel Folk, Rachel Lascar and Pilar Castro.

“It’s an adaptation of the original Ariana story and the characters are one way in the book and now they’re another way in the movie. But there is the essence of the character. Ares is still Ares even if he doesn’t have blue eyes, ”explained actor Julio Peña about the differences between the novel and the film under the giant’s mandate. streaming. (via EFE Agency)

Release date

through my windowthe Wattpad phenomenon, is now available on Netflix from February 4.

Who is the author of through my window on wattpad?

Under user Ariana_godoy (on Wattpad) has published more than 20 stories on the platform and has amassed over 745,000 readers. The first book of his published by him was my wattpad love with Planeta in Spanish, in the Philippines with Pop fiction in English and in France with Hachette Romans in French. his most recent novel through my window It went on physical sale on May 16, 2019 under the Alfaguara label of Penguin Random House Spain (via).


Julio Peña is Ares, Hugo Arbues is Apolo Hidalgo and Eric Masip is Artemis Through my window
Julio Pena and Clara Galle
Through my window, the Wattpad story coming to Netflix
Ariana Godoy Books Wattpad

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