This was what Troy Kotsur brought to The Mandalorian series


After winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, the name of Troy Kotsur seems more relevant than ever. The actor not only became the first deaf actor to win the award, but his role in the film CODA was adored by audiences around the world. And she positioned it in the center of the map. However, Troy Kotsur’s career is not new to the industry and he even has a past with the series. The Mandalorian. One that you probably don’t know.

It turns out that Troy Kotsur helped the team of The Mandalorian to create a unique sign language for the lore of the series. It is that form of communication used by the Tusken race. A scavenger people who live in the most inhospitable dunes of the planet Tatooine. Kotsur himself. declared that to create this form of communication he sought to avoid ASL (American Sign Language) at all costs. Because each of these languages ​​always responds to the unique environment in which it is created. Therefore, when dealing with the fictional world of starwars something unique needed to be configured.

“I made sure it became the Tusken sign language based on its culture and environment,” he explained in a previous interview. “That’s how I came up with specific signs, like the one on the Mandalorian, which is based on the helmet and the ‘M’ hand shape.”

The first series based on the world of starwars, brought fans of the saga back to the planet Tatooine. In this fictional world was where the legend of the Skywalkers was born for the first time and where we met unique environments such as the endless sands under sunsets of two suns. A characteristic people of this place are the Tusken, so it was natural that they would be back during the conflicts of the series.

In episode 5 of the first season of Mandalorian, the Tuskens make an appearance and Troy Kotsur is also present. In addition to helping Jon Favreau create the communication language of the aforementioned race, he also played one of its members. The actor declared that it was a dream come true, since since his childhood he has been a regular fan of starwars.

“When I was eight years old, I dreamed of being part of starwars“, said. “Many, many years later, almost 40 years later, it was fulfilled. It was fate.”

The Tuskens also appeared in boba fett book, the last series released in this universe. the next will be Obi-Wan Kenobi, which will tell the story of the fugitive Jedi on the planet Tatooine. The location seems ideal for “the town of the sand” to return to the screens of Disney Plus. The series starring Ewan McGregor will hit the platform on May 25.

Troy Kotsur is part of the cast of CODA, the winning film of the last Oscar Awards ceremony. That is the remake of an original French story, about a deaf family that communicates with the world thanks to the help of their daughter. The smallest member of the family who does not suffer from this condition and wants to become a singer. The film won the awards for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Kotsur. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime.

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