This Is The Batman Villain Nicolas Cage Would Love To Play


Now what batman hit theaters to become a hit, many already guess the future of the franchise. Although Warner Bros has not yet defined the exact path that the saga will take and has not even confirmed a sequel, there are many who are already looking to be part of the family. For example, actor Nicolas Cage, who confessed not having seen the film, but already has in mind which Batman villain he could use for a potential continuation of the story.

Certainly the actor is no stranger to the world of superheroes and comics. Let’s remember that he was very close to becoming an atypical Superman in Tim Burton’s ill-fated production back in the nineties. Plus over the next decade he finally got to star in one of these projects, when he rode Ghost Rider’s hellish motorcycle. Not counting also the vocal contribution of him in the animated multiverse of Spider-Man.

But beyond his participation in the cinema, in his private life Nicolas Cage has been a fan of Batman and the world of comics in general. Before becoming the ghost rider, he already had the skull of such a particular character tattooed on his skin. In addition, his son was officially baptized as Kal-El Cage and we do not believe it is necessary to explain the origin of that name.

Faced with such demonstrations of love the world of Marvel and DC, we believe that it should certainly have a chance. And also Nicolas Cage himself appears at the gates of Batman with an interesting proposal. During the SXSW festival event, the actor chatted briefly on his ideas for turning Matt Reeves’ Gotham City upside down:

“There’s something I’ve been thinking about, because we have this new Robert Pattinson Batman, which I haven’t seen yet, but I think it would be fantastic. I’m talking about the villain Vincent Price played in the ’60s TV show Egghead. I think I want to go for Egghead. I think he could do something absolutely brilliant. And I have an Egghead concept. Let Warner Bros know that I’m interested in Egghead.”

The case of Egghead, called in Latin America as Cascarón is very particular. It is an antagonist that was created exclusively for the Show television starring Adam West. The concept of him is that of a man with a pronounced white bald spot, which drives his personality in parallel with the eggs. His yellow and white clothing, and his Machiavellian way of speaking where in English the prefix “egg” was used to say “egg-celent”, for example, served to build the character.

Egghead was played by the aforementioned Vincent Price with such success that it later led to the character’s inclusion in comics. His arrival at the cinema was almost consummated in the third installment that Joel Schumacher intended to bequeath the Dark Knight. According to the filmmaker, Cascarón was one of his strong options to include in the film. And by the way in that abandoned sequel, Nicolas Cage was almost a solid choice to play the Scarecrow.

Although there is still no news about a sequel to batman, we can assume that such a scenario will come true. Although there are still no rumors, other than the almost certain inclusion of the crime clown, who could rule out that Cage can get a place in the cast ranks. Or perhaps a small role in the announced television series for HBO Max.

Meanwhile Nicolas Cage prepares to release the weight of talent, an action and comedy film where the actor will play himself. The film will hit Mexican theaters on April 28.

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