This is how Salma Hayek looks like the goddess Hera for a car commercial


No one would have imagined that the Mexican Oscar nominee Salma Hayek one day she was going to rub shoulders with immortal beings with superhuman powers to become Ajak, the spiritual leader of the Eternals. And much less than, some time later, we would see her embodying Hera herself, the famous goddess of Greek mythology. Yes, the actress presumes herself as the goddess of Olympus, along with arnold schwarzenegger, for a peculiar campaign sponsored by the German car brand BMW.

Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hera and Zeus, respectively

“I am very excited that my first announcement from BMW is for their first electric iX. Check it out on 2.13.22,” the Mexican actress wrote on social media.

Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger BMW electric cars

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Just a few days ago, the protagonist of the franchise terminator He surprised Internet users after showing off a poster where he appears playing Zeus, the king of the Greek gods. Such a revelation causes the curiosity of his followers, who anxiously awaited news about a new movie or series with such characterization. However, thanks to Salma Hayek we discover that it is an advertising campaign by BMW to unveil its new electric iX sports car.

BMW campaign

The BMW campaign has already debuted on social media with a first spot commercial starring the Austro-American actor.

In the spot, a coffee barista mispronounces the name of the Greek god when trying to deliver his order: a caffè. macchiato. The rather confused barista tries to pronounce the name correctly as «Zayus” Y “Zoice«. Suddenly, Schwarzenegger enters the scene to correct the barista’s pronunciation, and the barista asks if his name refers to the Greek god of lightning. Schwarzenegger responds: “It’s exactly like that.” In this way, we realize that the commercial is a kind of meta-joke on the actor’s last name and a way to advertise the new BMW electric car.

In addition to Salma Hayek and Schwarzenegger, the German actor and bodybuilder also appears Ralph Moeller (Gladiator), who embodies the god Poseidon.

The full campaign will have its global premiere during Super Bowl LVI halftime this coming Sunday. February 13, 2022.

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