This is how Chris Evans reacted to homophobia against Lightyear

Once again, a Pixar Animation Studios production came to arouse controversy in its commitment to diversity. It happened in 2020 with Joined, the fantasy film that, for making a brief allusion to a homosexual couple, deserved censorship in some markets with inflexible and traditionalist ideologies. And now it was the turn of Lightyear, where Chris Evans voices the eponymous space ranger and which features a same-sex kiss between two characters, much to the chagrin of homophobic viewers. However, the famous actor has something to say to all those who criticize this film solely for being supportive of the LGBT community.

Chris Evans became successor to Tim Allen (toy story) as Buzz Lightyear’s new English voice

To begin with, it should be noted that —although it does not belong to the same universe as toy story– the story of Lightyear It is presented as that fiction that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toys of the original saga, one of which ended up in little Andy’s collection. Therefore, the new Pixar production exhibits the iconic character as a true fighter from outer space who has the mission of defeating the malevolent Emperor Zurg.

That said, obviously the hero’s companions are neither a cowboy nor a green tyrannosaurus, but space agents like him. Here, his best friend is named Alisha Hawthorne, who is also a black scientist married to another woman. At one point in the film, there is even a kiss between the two lovers. And this simple scene led to Lightyear was censored in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern nations that ban any pro-LGBT demonstration.

In a recent interview with ReutersChris Evans lamented that currently and in various parts of the world it is still a problem to celebrate sexual diversity.

“The truth is that these people are idiots,” he declared about those who have condemned the homosexual kiss in Lightyear. “There is always a social breakthrough as we wake up. American history and human history [en general] it is one of constant awakening and social growth. That’s what makes us good.”

And I add:

“There will always be people who are afraid, who don’t realize it and who try to hold on to what was before. But those people are dying out like dinosaurs. I think the goal is to not pay attention to them, to move forward and embrace the growth that makes us human.”

Lightyear It is currently exhibited in Mexican theaters. Come in here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE. What did you think of this reinvention of the endearing space guardian?

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